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Male Stars

Male Stars

Review date: 11-Jul-2017 06:22. Malestars offers up the latest in celebrity photos, and videos. The sites Rates are: $2.95 for a three day trial membership, $29.95 for a thirty day membership. The site promises videos, pictures and news about our hottest male celebrities, and by gum it delivers. The site itself was a bit overwhelming at first. The layout, while simple, was kind of deceptive in its amount of variety. There was so much to look at.

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Male Stars

Intro promises:
Let's dissect the site to get a whole impression. The tabs up along the top are: celebs, athletes, models, singers, soap, flicks, television, quickies, and help. There is also a group of Xtras above them including, XXXpics, XXXvideos, XXXfeeds, and XXXbonus. The gay XXX videos are things like Naked Marine, Letters home, Transexual desires, soldiers playing, chow time, sarge made me do it. All video clips externally hosted and of varying quality. I particularly liked the chow time segment. I like the marines, a lot. I especially like watching them bottom. The blonde kid in chow time getting it on in the mess hall with the dark stud, well that's just fucking hot. I think it was cute and funny how they were eating corn on the cob, Freud in action lol. "'ll have the ginger chicken" and indeed he does have the cute ginger piece of chicken in front of him.

The xxxpics are over 39 pages of galleries, covering most everything you could hope for, twinks, couples, sucking, fucking soloing, the usual gamut. XXXfeeds is the usual group of cam shows, dude dorm, gay voyeur, things like that. Nothing spectacular, but if you like watching bored boys chat naked while they check their email, hit em up. The main tabs pretty much cover all the celebrity stuff. You can look by genre, or movie, or whatever to find your particular fantasy star. It includes a lot of news, and updates about the hottest stars, which is cool. So, basically we cover all the celebrity bases right then and there. Now, don't be fooled. This site has a lot of information, profiles, reviews, pics, etc of male celeb. Not a lot of it is hardcore, or even nude. When there is a pic, or video available, it is here. When there is none, they don't resort to badly done photoshop images. This is pretty nice of them. How many other celeb sites have you been to and run into the Frankenstein celebrity nude shot? So badly done that you can see the bolt mark where they affixed the head, not cool. Now, another cool feature is a search. You can either search by celebrity name, or title. So you could search for umm... Jake Gyllenhaal, just for an example, I'm not obsessed or anything, yeah, that's it. You would find the bio on good ole Jakey. Hmmm actually now that I'm doing it, I'm finding a few nice shots of the boy. Good board short shots, good promo shots, oh a nice shot of him nude with some bird pushed up against the wall, presumably screwing. I think I saw that movie. OOH I can see his balls! I have wanted to fuck him since Bubble Boy' Well, now that we have my new wallpaper let's move on.

So to sum it all up, there is a large variety of content, a lot of it celebrity. There is a fair bit of hardcore content involving porn stars, and the usual cam boys to keep your cock nice and red. So, for the three day trial, I don't see any problems with at least giving them the old college try.

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