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Man List

Review date: 13-Dec-2017 05:52. Man List is offering its members a chance to find a good looking gay sex partner for nothing more serious than a casual sex encounter. It currently has over 300 thousand active members from all over the world, so the selection is pretty wide. Most members are twinks in their twenties, but it's not unusual to find older, more mature men looking for a hook up.

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Man List

Intro promises:
Whether you just want a hot chat session or you're looking to find someone you can get hooked up with in real life, Man List is the right place to start your search. You can become a member of Man List today for free! It doesn't cost a thing to join, and once you've opened up your account you can start browsing hotties and searching for people in your area. The sign up process is simplified and will only take a minute or two of your time, and as soon as you activate your account, you're ready to start your search. Enjoy hot pictures and don't forget to add the best ones to your favorites list. When it comes to online dating, one of the most important factors is the number of active members. The more people are there, the bigger are your chances of meeting someone you like. Luckily, Man List is a pretty big site with more than 300 thousand members from all parts of the world. This number is the biggest guarantee you can get that you'll find enough people you like. No matter what are you looking for in a partner, Man List has it. So don't be lazy and start browsing profiles to find your perfect match!

You can see the best of the best in special top rated profiles section. People can rate both other profiles and pictures, so there's no better way to find the hottest pictures than to visit the "top rated galleries" section. If you have a couple of pictures to show off, make sure you upload them. The higher rated they get, the more likely is for them to get to the "top rated" section. And once there, you'll get an enormous amount of profile views and flirts. Get those pictures ready and make your way to the top. The fastest way to find a real life hook up is to go searching for people who live close to you. You can perform a fast search that will list all the people in your area, within the 10,25 or 100 miles radius. You can filter the desired age of members and choose whether they're required to have a profile picture or not. This search is pretty quick and gets you the best results if you're in a hurry to find a hot stud to hook up with. One of the greatest things about Man List is its price. The site is really affordable with $14.95 per month, which is twice less money than any other adult dating site of this kind. Unfortunately, there aren’t any other long term membership plans or discounts, but who needs them with a price like this? If you're still wondering whether to join this site or not, this should make your decision a lot easier. Why pay double the money when you can get great stuff here on Man List? Unfortunately, if you're looking for a way to perform a more detailed search, you won't find it. The search is limited to the standard age, sex and location options, and that's pretty much it. This isn't helpful at all if your search results get you a couple of thousand hits, because you'll need to go through the profiles manually. This is a big disadvantage, especially if you're searching for someone with a specific hair or skin color, and you'll often find deal breakers in hot people's profiles. Man List needs to work on this one and add the advanced search feature.

Man List is a high quality site, and although it need some improving of the search features, it gives you a chance to meet real people, and actually get laid. It's the perfect choice for you if you're not looking for anything serious, and the biggest advantage of the site is the really low monthly fee. Save money and join Man List today, and get the best you can have for this amount of money.

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