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Maniac Machines

Maniac Machines

Review date: 20-Nov-2016 09:22. From the title I was pretty sure what was in store for me Maniac Machines and I wasn’t wrong. There is a collection of very kinky and original sex toy and fucking machine porn movies here to enjoy but unfortunately not very many of them. With slow updates that is a bit concerning but with 12 bonus sites included Maniac Machines may yet be a great opportunity for some fans to cease.

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    12.2 of 20

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Maniac Machines

Intro promises:
Maniac Machines is a hot site with a variety of bizarre sex toys and fuck machine porn movies to enjoy. The site is incredibly simple when you log in and completely free of anything flashy or sophisticated. Instead you have a jarring red background, a massive logo at the top and thumbnails of the most recent updates and a short description of the action. There are 3 of these pages, each with links at the bottom to the bonus sites, and that’s all. There is no model index, search function or categories. It shouldn’t be too much of a problem for now as there are just 17 scenes at the time of this review. I’m not sure what exactly the update system is here but a year ago there were more than 17 scenes online. My guess is they rotate content, taking off the old stuff as they upload the newer action.

The 17 movies can be downloaded in an excellent quality MPEG format as a single full-length file. There are no other options or alternative download methods. There are also no photos. Those MPEG movies are real gems, though, and feature some very hot sex toy and fucking machine penetration. There are plenty of pussy pumps, miracle pumps, dildos on the end of power drills, more advanced and powerful fucking machines and other toys and goodies. There is also lots of hardcore cock sucking and fucking mixed in with the action, most scenes ending with cummy facials or big loads of man goo being dumped out on some sweaty round tits.

As much as I liked the content here, though, I couldn’t help but feel a bit unimpressed. The content is fun but the site is overly simplistic and limited to options. The 12 bonus sites included do help to sway my opinion towards the positive, however. These additional sites include True Cum Sluts, Anonymous Fantasy, Fisting Quest, Sex Tranny Awards, Real Arabian Sluts and others. As a package it’s worth joining if your fetish interests go beyond sex machines and toys. Otherwise, this site may be worth passing on.

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