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Manifest Men

Manifest Men

Review date: 1-Nov-2017 04:57. A dream to navigate, Manifest Men features super-fit beefcake in crisp and professional photo sets as well as in equally impressive video galleries. These boys are BIG and, luckily for you, they like to show off their bulging assets for the camera. Video clips are formatted for both QuickTime and Windows Media Player and for broadband and dial-up connections as well.

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Manifest Men

Intro promises:
The quality of the visual and audio is top-notch all around. Video clips are accessible through individual model pages and by way of the 'Video Gallery' tab in the top navigation bar on the homepage, which is next to the tab for the 'Image Gallery.'

I went straight for the 'Manifest Men' tab to see what I could see and clicked on Blake Nolan's photo as he looked like a furry fucker with tattoos (and I was right!) His page opens on a phenomenal banner with shots of his ass, hairy torso, and handsome face with available video clips aligned just below this muscular tableau. Currently, there are three ('Tool[s]' 1 through 3) and they were all edgy stroke sessions shot in a down-market hotel room with great background music that progressed from a loud alterna-metal to a more subdued, ambient electronica. Blake's not only got a fine, fine ass, but he's also got a thick, solid cock between his meaty thighs (as you may have guessed from the sequence's title') and watching him self-serve is quite a pleasure. The Manifest Men are searchable under that tab by keyword features that include: bald, blond, cut, hairy, Latin, mustache, smooth, tall, and vascular. (While there aren't hundreds of men to choose from, narrowing the search by these basic criteria comes in quite handy if you know what you like and want it fast.) The Diary tab brings members to the Manifest Men blog, where information about updates and model appearances are posted regularly and also where users can pose questions to men who catch their eye on the site. The Shop provide the ultimate in retail therapy for muscle men and their worshippers by making articles of clothing and accessories worn by specific studs in various Manifest productions available for purchase (as well as more personal items, like autographed butt plugs).

Manifest Men's Webmaster recommends viewing this site with Internet Explorer or Firefox and writes that the use of AOL or Safari 'will result in a less than optim[al viewing] experience.' I work on a Mac (as faithful readers well know) running OS X and Safari and had absolutely no problems whatsoever. New (and potential) users will be happy to know that their memberships with Manifest Men now includes two free hours of live chat per month with built hottie, Vin Marco, on Manifest Men.

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