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Mark Wolff Video

Mark Wolff Video

Review date: 31-Oct-2017 05:03. Mark Wolff, who describes himself as ' America's Most Published Physique Model,' is a busy, busy man. Not only is he a high-profile physique model, but he also produces and stars in videos that are available on DVD and through various branded Web properties (including: Mark Wolff, Wolff Pac Men, and Wolff Pac Men Live). He's busy and he's buff!

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Mark Wolff Video

Intro promises:
Wolff boasts formidable thigh and bicep muscles on a stocky and extremely smooth, frame and most of the men featured on this site fit a similar description. Mark Wolff Video is organized into quarters on the homepage, each representing a specific area of video content: Full-Length Videos, Wolff Pac Men Solo Video Player, Wolff Pac Men Live Muscle Theatre Player, and a Wolff Voyeur Video Player.

Full-length videos comprise the most developed of the four sections as the photography is, for the most part, crisper and the colors are more vibrant and the action is more interactive than in the jack-off videos that make up most of the content on Mark Wolff Video. Videos are available for download in either AVI or WAV formats, or for streaming in a large-format internal window. Videos, for the most part, are not introduced or described in great detail, but may be prefaced by a promotional blurb or with the names of the featured models. 'Flex Appeal , a non-nude instructional video shot in a gym ''is a serious workout video, one of the best on the market" according to Men's Workout Magazine. Project Muscle clocks in at 135 minutes, stars Peter Latz, Sebastian Stone, Adam Beyer, Sean Dexter, Sebastian Leroc, Rob Steel, Trent Fosters, Marc Williams, and Jordan Vaughn. It is categorized by the following descriptors: 'Muscle Worship, Solo JO' and is available for live streaming, download, or for purchase on DVD on the store page. The Muscle Theatre Player offers live chat options with musclemen via Web cams and is powered by Flirt 4 Free. The Solo Video Player features men with rippling muscles and a proverbial itch to scratch. Most of these clips are shot in well-appointed bedrooms or hotel rooms that are stocked with either vats of moisturizer or lube. The camera gets up close and personal with each man's member and spirited cumshots are in abundance. The Voyeur Video Player adds more men to the mix and many of the videos feature Mark Wolff, himself, beating his bishop in various cities around the world.

Brush cuts and classic good looks are standard issue on Mark Wolff Video and aficionados of muscular men grappling with themselves, and with each other, on the mat won't be disappointed. More casual Web cruisers, however, might be left wanting more than muscles flexing in Speedos if they're on the prowl for actual hardcore athletic fucking.

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