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Marketa 4 You

Marketa 4 You

Review date: 29-Oct-2017 05:02. Have you ever heard of Marketa Belonoha? No? You will, very, very soon. The beautiful, Czech model now has her own website. It's fairly new, as it only has four videos and 2182 pictures. However, it's updated twice a week and looks to be something spectacular. From the get-go, I was impressed with Marketa 4 You's look and design and you can tell how much time was spent putting together as evidence of the fancy flash software.

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Marketa 4 You

Intro promises:
Marketa 4 You, so far, has a lot of pictures. They're set up in thumbnails with picture perfect clarity. Once clicked on, the picture opens up in another window and the size and goodness of it shows unbelievably well. The picture sets are ones from magazine shoots and they're separated like that as well. They're very, very good. Members have their choice of viewing the pictures in three resolution types, possibly for slower computers, and also can download the sets in different resolutions.

The videos, the ones that are on Marketa 4 You, are, to say the least, few. As mentioned above, there are only four of them. Members are greeted with a thumbnail of a scene on each video and, for the most part, they look awesome. But when I downloaded the smaller file, which by the way took a while on my high-speed, cable modem, my WMV said it couldn't find the file. It did this with another one as well. I figured, if half of them didn't load, this wasn't a good sign. But, if they can, members have the option of viewing the whole video or a preview. I wish I could have because one of them is of her bathing. The thumbnail got me hard just looking at it. I can only imagine what the video looks like.

The rest of the site is her diary, her forums, and little knick-knacks that show me they were trying to fill space. This stuff is cool but she's going to win her audience by having kick-ass content. I gave the site a four because of all the pictures and how well they're put together. Not to mention the site's quality. If she can get more videos, and have them actually work, the little extras on the site will only compliment Marketa 4 You. With regular updates, to answer the very first question in this review, you will be hearing about Marketa Belonoha very soon. But for now, it deserves a four rating.

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