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Massage Bait

Massage Bait

Review date: 9-Dec-2010 14:46. Did you know you could be a masseur and actually make straight boys go gay? Massage Bait is a spanking new site which will load your imagination with a totally sexy fantasy. Watch straight guys massaged all the way into sucking fat long dick and taking this uncut majesty up their virgin ass! This is real, and there are so many cool videos for you to see!

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Massage Bait

Intro promises:
Apparently studying to be a masseur is the best path you can follow, or could have followed anyway. That is, if you enjoy hooking up with hot straight studs and being the first man to stroke their cock and fill their holes with man meat for the first time. We are sure this is something you would like to do. Well, if opening up a massage parlor and approaching hot straight men with a straight face seems like too much for you right now, Massage Bait is here to help. The site was recently added to the Gay Room family. Check out the project’s review which we did a while earlier. It’s a pretty knockout product in the gay scene with fun, edgy, sexy sites filled with pretty unforgettable stuff. Massage Bait is the newest thing here and it has a pretty palatable free zone. Check out the complimentary free trailers of which there are several. We appreciated the minimalist, more content less marketing kind of design they used here. Video trailers, lots of preview pictures, damn, this is tempting. You should really watch these short flicks. Combining great music perfectly matching the slowly unveiling scenes, they really make you want to see more. We know, right? When it’s about straight sexy men barely knowing what’s going on as they get turned on by a guy for the first time, it’s only natural that you want to see more!

Massage Bait is all about fun and pleasure and never about disappointment. The site is new and it’s not like there are thousands of videos to choose from. But one thing, they are all exclusive. Another thing, the site is destined to grow with every update. And even another thing, with your password you can access other great sites in the GayRoom network. The highest quality you can get here is genuine HD and the videos can be streaming Flash, WMV or MPG. Gadget-friendly flicks are also included. Pictures, even though they are high resolution screencaps, look pretty good and offer a nice, different perspective on the action. And oh boy, the action! Most videos feature the same masseur, a sexy muscled guy who is really good at meeting straight boys. Look out for some genuine male hotties here, tanned, with hot tats and more. So, they are touched all over, looking really lost and not knowing what to do. This grows even stronger when they are asked to undress. After that, it’s all technique. Fondled and teased and touched with all sorts of toys, they lose it pretty soon and find themselves with hard cock in mouths and butts minutes later. It’s such a thrill to watch it, worrying that the guy might freak out and ruin the scene! But he never does, so much for the massage skills. The sex in the end is real hardcore fucking, and you can really see the guys have never done it before. Amazing!

Massage Bait will change the way you see massage from now on. The site’s name pretty much has it all in itself. It’s really a bait! Check out innocent straight guys getting their first time gay sex and loving every second of it. In the end their face is so precious! Every minute of these videos is a masterpiece. Great-looking high res straight to gay massage videos with sound and really hot men, what else do you need?

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