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Massage Rooms

Massage Rooms

Review date: 30-Oct-2017 13:23. Massages with a happy ending? You’ll be more than happy when you see what kind of massages and endings Massage Rooms here offers you to have a look at. The site takes the whole massage thing to a really new level, with pro masseurs and masseuses, very fine young models, and subtle, very top notch camera work. Oh, and the video update are all in 1080p HD, new stuff 3 times as week!

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Massage Rooms

Intro promises:
Massage-themed erotica has really been on the rise recently. It has every right to be, really. Massage is a terrific form of foreplay enjoyed by both men and women, with so many variations, a very intimate form of contact soaked in sensuality. No wonder if done right, it leads to things getting really steamy pretty damn soon! So many massage-themed sites get released these days, and our job here is to showcase the best of them. Like Massage Rooms right here. The tour looks really well-put together, not vulgar in any possible way. Instead, it’s very sensual and accurate-looking, with huge delicious sample photos, video trailers, and site facts. Massage Rooms is advertised as couple-friendly porn, and you can see why already in the tour. It’s all about pleasure for both parties. Guys get handjobs, oral sex, and sliding their bone into a tight slippery pussy, while the girls enjoy g-spot stimulation, clitoral orgasms, and much more. Looks like we’re in for quite a bit of slippery sensuality here! Massage Rooms features girl on girl and guy on girl massage scenes, so whether you will feel like lesbian massage sex or a really happy ending of a guy and girl scene, the site will be able to deliver. Let’s give it a closer look at all these delicious 1080p scenes right now, it feels like Massage Rooms totally deserves our – and your – attention.

First you get really relaxed and then you get hard and then you climax as intensely as never before! This seems to be the way things happen here at Massage Rooms. Compared to most other similar sites we know, Massage Rooms aims for both authenticity in terms of really professional massage, and great video quality. We though it’s really important that the shoots do the massage skills and the beautiful models justice. Here at Massage Rooms, this is exactly the case. The site is new but it is offering an ambitious count of 3 updates a week. Impressive! You will also notice the massage is always real and very well-executed, with these stones, fragrant oils, expert techiniques and what not. No wonder juices start flowing pretty damn soon! Massage Rooms gives you a variety of scenarios, masseuses and masseurs are featured in more or less equal proportions, and some scenes are girl on girl. This is truly couple-friendly porn, because the aesthetic side and the erotic side seem to coexist here very harmoniously. When the whole thing gets to the point of actual sex, it’s as real, passionate, and honest as possible. The pleasure of the girls is an important element here, with deep pussy fingering, g-spot stimulation, clit rubbing and plenty more. Guys get their share of the fun too – get ready for super wet footjob scenes and much, much more!

Massage Rooms is just perfection whatever you pay attention to. The site promises 3 updates per week in perfect 1080p quality good for both desktops, mobile phones, and tablets. The episodes are soaked in sensuality, featuring lovely girls who get off in just so many different ways, massaged by hot pro level masseurs – and masseuses, too! Make sure you have paper towels nearby when you’ll be entering this kingdom of sloppy, wet sensuality. Couple-friendly massage erotica at its finest, this is what Massage Rooms is really about. Don’t miss it!

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