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Masturbation Page

Masturbation Page

Review date: 9-Oct-2017 05:34. It's ironic how much pleasure you'll get out of Masturbation Page considering that the site is all about watching other people pleasuring themselves. The main reason this site is so attractive is that it is so inclusive.

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Masturbation Page

Intro promises:
Not only does it not discriminate against sexuality - you'll find straight, gay and bisexuals getting themselves off - the site offers a level on interactivity that most site lack. Most of the site's content is submitted by users, which means not only do you get to watch other people play with their pussies or yank their cranks, you can contribute to the collection of self-pleasuring fun with your own pictures or video.

There is also the option to connect with other users via the live chat or one of the message boards. It seems that many of the users are straight males looking to interact with females, but there definitely are ladies out there. So far, there are more than 1,000 subscriber-submitted galleries, containing about 4,676 images, as well as 135 videos that were also submitted by users. You'll find mostly solo male action, but there are also masturbation sessions involving women and couples. Because this content is produced by users, the image quality varies considerably. Some of the pictures are high-res images taken using a digital camera, while others are small screen captures created with a webcam. Not all the content on this site is exclusive. In addition to what is mentioned above, there are 22 male and 32 female photo regular-res galleries taken from other Web sites. Also, there are clips of 12 men and 17 women, which can be downloaded as average-quality Windows Media or QuickTime files.

As if all this wasn't enough, the site's bonus content includes real-life and fictional stories and articles with helping jack-off tips for all sexual orientations. You'll also be able to select from 164 straight and 11 gay video feeds. This all comes at a price that's about a third of the typical porn site.

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