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Mate 1

Mate 1

Review date: 27-Dec-2017 07:13. Comscore Mediamatrix and Neilsen Netratings have ranked Mate 1 in the top 5 dating sites of this kind. No wonder, because so far there are over 10 million active members, and tens of thousands of new people joining every day. There are singles from different parts of the world, from the United States to Europe, and from Canada to Australia.

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Mate 1

Intro promises:
Whether you just want to make new friends or pen pals, or you're looking for a romantic relationship, you're more than welcome to join Mate 1 and become a part of one of the largest and most active dating communities on the internet. If you're not sure about what you're looking for, why not join Mate 1 for free and start exploring? You can open up a free basic account that will get you access to most site's features, and most importantly, to other people's profiles. Now you can browse all you want and look for your perfect match, or you can simply do a quick search and find interesting people in your local area. The sign up process is really simple and fast, and you can become a member within minutes. Don't miss the opportunity to explore this great site for free! Imagine ten million people in one place...Pretty neat, huh? There are over 10 million people on Mate 1, so no matter where you're from or what kind of relationship you're looking for, you're guaranteed to find your match here. I mean, seriously, if you can't find a match among 10 million singles, you won't find it anywhere. The other amazing thing about this number is that you're virtually guaranteed to meet your match. It's just a numbers game when it comes to online dating, so you just need to be persistent and keep contacting interesting members, and you'll get lucky sooner or later.

There is a list of the newest and most popular members, so you don't have to worry about missing hot new people. Make sure you're the first to wish them a warm welcome, and it will make a great first impression. You can browse the most popular members and get to meet some of the hottest singles there are, so don't be shy to hit them up, maybe you'll get lucky. You can keep track of all the members who viewed your profile, so you can view theirs and see if there's any chemistry. Don't forget that others see when you view their profile as well, so it's a great way to make people curious about you. To make your profile more interesting, and get more attention and profile views, you can record an audio profile introduction. Here you can say all the things you didn't have a chance in your profile info, plus you can quickly introduce yourself and tell people more about the kind of person and relationship are you looking for. Be interesting and funny, and people will want to get to know you better. For best results, try listening the most popular voice intros before you decide to upload one of your own. While most dating sites have a 5 photo limit, Mate 1 lets you post up to 20 profile pictures. Use this opportunity to make other members interested, and post your best pictures. Most members use up all their photo space, so you can enjoy browsing other people's galleries in your search for the right match. The only downside of this great website is that the membership fee is pretty high. With $50 per month, it's almost two times more expensive than an average dating site of this kind. But although the fee is quite a lot, keep in mind that it gives you access to one of the top dating sites in the world! With more than 10 million members to choose from and lots of useful features, Mate 1 is worth giving that extra cash. If you're serious about finding someone online, don't waste money on cheaper sites that don't offer as nearly as this one, and choose quality.

It's no wonder that Mate 1 has been ranked one of the top 5 mainstream dating sites on the web, because it truly is among the best sites I’ve ever had the chance to review. If you're still having second thoughts about joining Mate 1, i advise you to stop thinking too much and simply join. Even the free trial membership will get you hooked, and you'll spend hours browsing hot members profiles. So join Mate 1 today, and do your love life a big favor.

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