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Matthew Rush

Matthew Rush

Review date: 17-Oct-2017 08:10. Dearest Matthew, you must get so many love letters. Matthew Rush Aside from your obvious physical beauty: the unique color of your skin, your slightly kinky hair, big veiny biceps and masterpiece of a cock, does anyone ever bother to really get to know the inner you? Your hopes and dreams, what makes you tick?

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Matthew Rush

Intro promises:
What a life you must have, all those demands on your time and energy! “Let that guy lick your balls while this one explores your meaty chest with his tongue” or “Fuck this guy really hard like you mean business.” I mean, talk about the daily 9 to 5 grind! One can only imagine the conversations you have around the water cooler where you work.

Today I dropped by your website, Matthew Rush, and Matt, it just does not do you justice. Who did you get to do your website, stud? I mean, I love all the pictures of you decked out in leather and, wow, the pics of you as a quarterback? Top notch! Kudos to your photographer. But Matt, I’ll be damned if I could find any clips of you in action. I mean, there were a couple of streaming clips, but as they ran on my computer, it looked as if somebody jizzed all over the screen. I could barely see what was going on. And I do love seeing you fuck, stud. Cruising through your website left me with more questions about you than answers. I started to wonder, just how did you break into gay porn anyway? Have you measured your dick and just how big is it? Do you have a regular day job? How many times a week do you lift weights? What kind of furniture is in your apartment? Are you voting for Bush or Kerry? You’d think the “bio/stats” part of your website would give me a clue but it really didn’t. I’m still dying to know what books you like to read. Even your webcam with its self-promoting tip jar left me high and dry. Geez, what does a guy like me have to do to get an inside peek? Have you given any thought to creating an online diary like some of your straight porn counterparts? And Matt, your website calendar is still promoting your appearances in April of this year. Really sweetheart, who’s doing your PR?

I’m sure you’re worried about every gorgeous porn star waiting just around the corner with a hotter, jazzier website. And Matt, if you’re not, you should be. Guys like me are incredibly fickle, likely to drop our dimes at the feet of the next gay boy coming up who may be younger or packing more inside his jockstrap. Don’t wait too long to get on the ball with your website buddy, it really is the only window some of us have inside your fascinating little world. That is, unless you happen to be sitting on the Matthew Rush Supercock. Some guys will do anything to get a little bit closer to you Matt.

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