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Meats Words

Meats Words

Review date: 18-Oct-2017 06:07. I have to admit, when I heard the title, Meats Words, I didn't quite know what to expect. The premise of the site, videos premiering some of the biggest cocks in the biz, seemed a bit lame. After all, in the porn world don't all the guys have huge cocks? But large cocks aside, the action on Meats Words is exceptional, with a no-nonsense, easy to use format.

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Meats Words

Intro promises:
First off, the set up of the site is extremely easy to use with out the flashy, often confusing links to a billion different sites using twenty types of video codecs. The bonus sites are on one side and the video archive is on the other, with updated videos in the center. The videos they offer come in either three speeds of streaming video, or you may download the full movie in xvid format; perfect for someone like me who likes to download rather than watch streaming video that often moves slowly, and looks blurry. The size of the files may be a bit large for someone with a 56K modem, but if you have DSL I usually waited an average of 45 minutes, which did me fine. Also I have to commend Meatswords on their updating. Actually as I was doing my review a new update showed up, and new is always better.

Now to the main part of the review, the action in the videos was extremely hot and offered a variety of situations and women. It even had a lesbian scene, where a nice strap-on did the stand in for the meat sword between the exotic Miko Lee and the heavy racked Sana Fey. Miko even does a nice anal with Sana while dildoing herself with a vibrator'very nice. Of course if you're into the big dick craze you'll find classic cocks men like Lex Steele and Brandon Irons here. In a scene from Lex Steele XXX, Olivia Del Rio takes on Lex's big dick in an extremely sexy scene. She enters the room teasing the viewer with her hot body in black lingerie, flashing us her fantastic ass and huge tits, announcing that she 'really needs a big dick.' Her wish comes true when Lex steps in the room, and they begin to mess around with Olivia, cat-like, grinds his crotch before pulling his dick out and sucking it. She takes it deep in her pussy, and although there's no anal you will wonder how she takes nearly all of Lex in her without getting split in half. Incredible.

In its entirety Meats Words is a tremendous site, with out much of the usual BS associated with Internet porn: the technical difficulties and the so-so girls you have to murk through to get to the cream. For a ton of fun for a reasonable price, Meats Words is the place to go.

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