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Meet My Secretary

Meet My Secretary

Review date: 13-Aug-2017 06:34. The next time you get ready for your next job interview, you might want to check out Meet My Secretary beforehand to make sure you are fully prepared for what may be in store! I think they used to call it sexual harassment, but when you wrap it up in a basket of fun and good spirit, you get a site like this one.

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Meet My Secretary

Intro promises:
As the title kind of suggests, the naughty antics happen at the office, but what takes a bit more investigation to uncover is that the makers of this destination have crafted together a variety of interesting scenarios - all presented in reality porn type episodes. The main "thrust", if you will, of the site evolves around office job applicants being put to the test by their superiors in kinky and sexy (and of course, sexual) ways! Each episode wraps up an encounter between a boss/boss lady and a prospective worker (secretary). But don't get fooled by the "secretary" bit - this place is an equal opportunity sexual harasser - so male secretaries get the same dirty treatment (straight and lesbian sex ahead).

If you're wondering just what kind of mischief the bosses and boss ladies can be up to, just imagine all those office fantasies you may have harbored at one time or another about a fellow worker and an imaginary time (or not) when you were their superior. Come on, everyone has a boss complex moment at one time or another and this site is a pretty good compendium of all those naughty thoughts. So, as an example, young first-time secretaries end up having first time lesbian relationships with needy horny corporate boss ladies - and it's all captured on film. Videos and pictures of hot young babes licking and lapping at the crotches of their prospective employers with hopes of given the boss a "raise" so that they might be able to get the job. In addition to the interesting premise of the site itself, the makers have boned up the reality of the fantasy by offering members different angles and views on the "interview". Many of the episodes (on video) involve the boss quickly explaining who is cumming in for an interview and what he/she may have in the way of amusing assets. That is recorded on a typical reality style angle camera. But there are also security cameras which record the interview from other fun vantage points. The quality of the videotaping is very good and members do get to choose between hi and lo video speed formats. Windows Media Player is the targeted format (WMV) and you can download or stream the sessions as you prefer. Photo galleries are provided as well, but they seemed like screen captures from the videos. I found the videos to be more entertaining than the pic sets. Either way, at 699x466 resolution the snaps are ok and all the galleries are adequately thumbnailed and paginated.

$29.95 will give you a private seat for a month of interviews ($74.95 for 90 days) and you can even take a quick peek ($4.95 for 2 days) before jumping all the way in. The cost of membership is very reasonable, and with over 30 episodes plus additional bonus sites by the same makers makes this one of the better reality porn deals. I was impressed by the novel approach, although, should I ever have to go to another interview, Meet My Secretary will definitely be on my mind!

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