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Meet My Sweet

Meet My Sweet

Review date: 13-May-2017 10:08. A guy brings his girlfriend to meet his mom and dad. Next thing you know, the two old farts are having wild threesome sex with the chick! Kinky? You bet. Also, hot as hell. Meet My Sweet provides insane amounts of inspiration for your dirty imagination with its absolutely unique threesome sex stories. Find out more and join the site for HD films!

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Meet My Sweet

Intro promises:
You know, we come across a lot of adult sites. Not only as part of our job of reviewing them here, for fun as well, hehe. We gotta say, we rarely find sites which are sort of tough nuts to crack, you know. Most sites are pretty obvious. This does not mean they can’t be hot, not at all. They sure can, but we got a feeling that if there’s room for a bit of brain work, it’s always for the better. After all, brain is where sex starts from, right? Anyway, today’s special for you here at My Sex Porn is Meet My Sweet, a great new site which comes in the single package with two other great sites we have already reviewed here. Those two sites, they feature girlfriends cheating with their bf’s brothers and men asserting their rights and position by administering some raw extreme sex to their adulterous girlfriends. This time, it’s something else, though no less exciting. Meet My Sweet explores the strong sexual tension and the resulting awkwardness which take place when guys introduce their girlfriends to their moms and dads – and the two old farts end up seducing the girl! The entire thing has tons of interpretations and lots of space for imagination, right? Just like the other two sites in the line, Meet My Sweet has a catchy tour area which offers a lot of site information and quite a bunch of previews. No video trailers here, but with the huge photos and a nice amount of preview episodes, you won’t really be needing them.

The site, after you enter it, looks similar to the other two – and we do hope you are checking them out already, if you still haven’t. In fact, you get bonus access to the other two when joining any of them, so it makes just about no difference where you start. But please dude start anyway, because it totally makes sense to support those who put creativity in their porn. Going back to the site, it has a balanced amount of pictures and videos, and the content totals go up to 40+ sets. With daily updates, mind you. Sounds like quite a bit! Though of course the site is new and the material they publish looks not that easy to film, harder than your generic porn anyway. The episodes are really rocking here. All stories feature a plot which involves a guy being sent on some errand or just unable to deal with the insanity which goes on. It’s always the old farts who inspire the threesoming, and the girls are always innocent, super hot, and maybe a bit silly as well. The stories do not repeat themselves though they surely have something common at their core, the entire thing with girlfriends dragged into naughty sex with the boyfriend’s parents. Everything balances out just fine, the stories are emotional and thrilling, the sex is the hottest cross age threesome porn you can imagine, and everything else is in line with the above.

If you want to see emotion blending with lust and scandal, Meet My Sweet is your thing. You will love watching the unsuspecting dudes introduce their gfs to their parents only to find the three fucking each other like crazy minutes after. The exclusive episodes at Meet My Sweet feature the right amounts of background stuff, real human interaction and super hot fucking. It’s great to see one more site which goes away from the traditional generic approach to sex. Could these stories take place in real life? They are borderline crazy, that’s what we think. So yeah they could!

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