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Men Bucket

Men Bucket

Review date: 4-Jun-2012 08:41. Sometimes choosing doesn't feel right. And why the hell should you decide right now? You just don’t know what turns you on the most, twinks, older gay guys, crossdressers, jocks on webcams, bi-curious men, bears or just your average next door guy having man-on-man sex for the first time. The good news is that with Men Bucket you don’t have to choose – the place has all of it and more!

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Men Bucket

Intro promises:
They say supermarkets are the place to get cheap, mass-produced, cookie cutter stuff. Before we saw the site we’re reviewing for you today, we would agree wholeheartedly. But something about Men Bucket made us change our opinion. Or, let’s put it like this, there are exceptions. Men Bucket is a supermarket of amateur gay, bi and crossdresser porn which really made our jaws fall down with all the variety of pretty crazy (and hot) material it got. The site seems to blend the choice and quantities of a supermarket with high, even artisanal entertainment value of all the content it offers. A really unusual place, if you like it put shorter. Anyway, let’s start with the tour here. This is one of the few sites we really feel you should explore inch by inch, and where else to start if not with the tour. The design just couldn't have been any more basic. You got the header, some text under it, and an endless line of content samples below. Not just your average boring content samples you see everywhere. These are pretty damn sick sometimes, and always hot as lava. See for yourself, the guys just put the craziest episodes from their collection all together. Older bears, kinky twinks, cum on facial hair, gay men in office attire, Scottish men in kilts (!), webcam crossdressers – are you still here? We hope it wasn’t too hot to handle!

We hope it wasn’t too hot to handle because there is much more inside. Men Bucket, like many other sites, tries to explore the world of next door men and their real sexual lives. However, no other site we have seen so far does it with the same grace, attitude and heat. Check Men Bucket and you’ll end up seeing all your male neighbors as sick, twisted sex pigs! But maybe then again that’s how you like seeing them. Anyway, Men Bucket throws tons and tons of video and picture content at you with the most daring, crazy and perverted sexual adventures gay and curious men can have. Is it extreme? Pretty much. The site explores the hidden, underground part of amateur porn, the part which captures people jacking off in public places and wearing all sorts of outfits, the part which features groups of old men naked in the countryside, the part where guys film themselves doing extreme insertions, gaping and what not. It’s so crazy and gripping you won’t be thinking about video formats, resolutions and such. But the site is pretty cool in this department anyway. You’ll be thinking about how you want more of this insane shit! Gay guys, bi guys, crossdressing guys, you’ll see them all getting off in just under a million different ways. And you’ll love the shit out of it, that’s guaranteed.

Men Bucket is your wholesale dealer of the most addictive gay, CD and bi amateur smut ever. The guys who built this site don’t care about design, marketing or whatever else there is beside the raw, extreme truth – all men around you are sex pigs. The one who like cock in all its shape and sizes, they’re all here. By far this is the most mind-blowing gay amateur porn site we have seen to date. We cannot recommend this more, this is an experience any gay and bi porn lover should have no matter what!

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