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Mexican Maid Booty

Mexican Maid Booty

Review date: 21-Dec-2011 04:49. Do you like maids? These outfits, right? Do you like Latina hotties? Well, how about these two combined? At Mexican Maid Booty, you’ll be serviced by the finest sluts Mexico has to offer. They’re ready for that bit of extra work you always wanted them to do. The site is brand new and it’s hotter than any fucking chili out there!

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Mexican Maid Booty

Intro promises:
There is something hot about maids, almost all of them. Well, provided they’re young and got that slutty spark in ther eyes, right? And trust us, many of them do. Especially if we’re talking immigrant maids here, like the ones from Mexico here. They’re young because who’s moving to another country whey they’re old. Also they’re willing to work extra hard. After all they pretty much have to, just to be able to make it in their new country. These two factors combined create endless possibilities for some crazy naughty shit happening. Like what, you ask? Wait till you see Mexican Maid Booty here. The site is super new and it was launched (or maybe it hasn’t even been launched yet, you never know if you’re a porn insider like we are hehe) by a network called Lords of Porn. Rings a couple bells does it? The network has 15+ high grade sites filled with special and specially mind-blowing porn, and this Mexican maid here is the freshest on the list. Start revving up your fantasy engine with the site’s tour which is funny, naughty and content-filled. Oh these hot cleaning ladies and Latina maids, looks like they are pretty damn desperate to stay in the States! And to do so, they will milk your sack dry and fuck you till your eyes roll on the floor. Don’t take our word for it, see it for yourself!

These are honestly some of the best trailers we’ve seen for a new site in a while. Cause you know some sites don’t offer them at all! Well enough about the trailer, we’re in and there’s the real thing right here. Mexican Maid Booty is as fresh as a porn site can get. There is a few dozen episodes here already, and on top of that you’ll have access to the entire Lords of Porn network. These guys are serious guys so you’ll also see this and all other sites updated often. But waut, Mexican Maid Booty is brand new and honestly we’ve never seen anything like it. These dudes were the first to blend maids and Latinas into one thing, and they did it beautifully. The videos are quite long, it’s not just the sex there. It’s all very real and very well filmed with a certain cinematographic quality to it. There’s a house, usually a pretty big one, and the maid is actually cleaning it – and boy is she wearing a naughty outfit doing that. There’s always some talking between the maid and the house owner. Trust us, it really gets you into the mood. It’s like watching a movie! But no movie will show you this much hardcore fucking. The maids are really trying their best. All videos, and pictures, too, are a total blast to watch. Should we say the girls are smoking hot, too?

These Mexican and Latina chicas will take your pepper and suck it dry! Mexcan Maid Booty is a site with very intense hardcore sex videos involving Latina girls in stunning maid outfits. Nothing is held back here as they blow, ride, suck and fuck their employers till they faint – well, almost. The site is part of the busy and bold Lords of Porn network which has content for every kind of porn perv, including you. Give this one a try and if you always wanted to nail a Latina housekeeper, well, there you go!

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