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Mia Khalifa

Mia Khalifa

Review date: 10-Mar-2015 17:11. Mia Khalifa could easily be the biggest pornstar in the whole world right now. This exotic Lebanese American firecracker has it all to make it big – and she’s making it big as you are reading this. Sexy, smart, controversial, and a proud owner of a pair of big brownish boobs, she is the hottest and most interesting thing that happened to porn in a while. Let’s check her out right now.

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Mia Khalifa

Intro promises:
Sometimes you just forget porn can actually be fun. All these boring ass sites that you often see, faceless performers, never a spark of any kind, let alone anything even close to controversy of any sort. We like controversy. Don’t you? Hell, porn as a thing is pretty controversial as it is, right? Well, say hello to one controversial bitch called Mia Khalifa. She is pretty much the ultimate porn star of today. In every possible way, not just in the way that she is cuter than hell and she has a pair of big brown Middle Eastern knockers. She’s of a mixed Lebanese American origin, and since she started doing porn, it’s all been just crazy. Some other girls might say nothing is off limits for them. But how about wearing a hijab in your porn video? Mia is definitely pushing the limits here. She’s everywhere these days. She’s the most searched for pornstar on Pornhub. She’s always out there, making these pretend (maybe not) sex education videos for women from places where sensuality and especially female sensuality is frowned upon – if not downright forbidden. Well, it is really Mia Khalifa time, guys. It’s also time for her to finally have a site of her own. You don’t need to search for her videos all over the web. Even though we are sure you can find quite a few, Mia Khalifa has an eponymous site now that has all her latest goodies, selfies, quickies and what not.

What can we say? This whole thing just defies categorization. Just like Mia Khalifa herself, really. The site is full of top notch quality content – well, of course, she’s a big name now, there’s no way she is going to upload crappy quality footage or low resolution pictures for her fans. The quality is as high definition as it can possibly get. But when it comes to what’s going on, this is where the summarization problems begin. Mia mixes all sorts of things in her videos, including BJ lessons, cock milking sessions, interracial (well, super hung black dudes, you get the idea), orgies, porn auditions, solo masturbation scenes… We could go on forever. Thing is, you don’t classify whatever’s going on here. You just hop on and enjoy the damn ride. Mia Khalifa has a beautiful face, a delicious exotic body with big heavy jugs, and apparently she also has this plan to ruin all other porn sites and all other pornstars for you. She’s just so special, so unique, and so damn entertaining. With all these things going on, it almost feels weird the membership price here is the same as with other sites. Mia is on the rise to either something super amazing or something completely heartbreaking. Whatever the end to her story would be, if you appreciate personality, being cool and open sexually, and throwing a bit of spice of controversy in there sometimes, Mia Khalifa is your gal.

See Mia Khalifa’s all-new personal website now, this is the only thing we can say. It‘s unlike anything else you have ever seen to date. Full of solo, guy on girl, and group content in high definition, it will change the way you perceive porn forever. This ultra busty Lebanese firecracker is only starting her path to absolute porn stardom – and this is the ride you want to be by her side for. Check Mia Khalifa out now!

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