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Mia Magma

Mia Magma

Review date: 14-Feb-2017 08:58. If you thought classy-looking HD porn was an American thing only and all those porn guys over there in Europe are just kinda chilling and not catching up, you are wrong. Meet Mia Magma, a young German pornstar who already has built quite a name for herself. She just loves traveling all over Europe and the world, getting her tiny pussy banged hard. Get ready to meet this petite vixen!

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Mia Magma

Intro promises:
Sometimes you need a break from American porn. Don’t you have this feeling once in a while? Sure, it’s pretty cool, and American directors and performers have done a lot for the entire industry. Still, there is something really appealing about how they do things back in the Old World. Like they said in Pulp Fiction, it’s basically the same shit, but with little differences. They also seem to be following the trends. Like, you don’t think they are stuck in the dark ages, still not knowing what high definition is, right? Especially if we take a look at Germany, a nation full of perverts and crazy ass sluts. These guys know their smut. Say hello to Mia Magma here, a petite German blonde who is just a little over 20 years of age – but already seems to have quite a name in international hardcore porn. Mia has quite a few XXX DVDs on her resume right now. The girl is just really insatiable! She’s also tiny, blonde-haired, and so cute it hurts. But don’t worry, you’ll find out all you need to know about this German fox. Check out the tour here at Mia Magma. See how fancy it is, with this big ass background video? It’s almost like you’re face to face with Miss Magma here. The tour has a few video samples, and you also get to know the deal a little better. A pretty good deal, we gotta tell you that.

Like we said, the deal is pretty good. Not only you get access to Mia’s place – you also get access to Magmafilm, the big production company that Mia works for. You have no idea how much stellar-looking European porn is there. In fact, we are not sure as well. Mia Magma alone updates several times a day. There are like 12 sites in the network right now. Imagine how fast this Magmafilm thing must be growing? Mia Magma is pretty much a classic pornstar site. You get to know a bit about the girl, like, what her star sign is and what she likes to do. When she’s not having hot sex, of course. There is something genuinely German about how Mia Magma likes to be in control and about the way she acts in all these videos. Indoors or outdoors, Germany or rocking places like Mallorca, Mia is always beautiful and nasty and just plain awesome. The site lets you download all the high definition films, and the member area is also loaded with features. You can browse this growing collection in just so many convenient ways. If you like nasty high maintenance European blondes who enjoy being wild on camera, we are sure you will enjoy your time here at Mia Magma. Check out what this petite bombshell has to offer right now, and remember to use your login and password to see what this Magmafilm production company is all about.

Mia Magma is this German pornstar you needed to find out about this entire time. Young, petite, demanding, and crazy hot, she is that spark that porn has been lacking for you recently. A rising star on the German porn horizon, she loves it all, sucking, anal, outdoors, indoors, threesomes, lesbian, you name it. See how they do it over there in Germany and how Mia establishes her well-deserved presence on the HD porn scene. See Mia Magma now!

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