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Michael Ninn

Michael Ninn

Review date: 10-Mar-2016 12:59. Why don’t you stop being treated like the tasteless jerk some sites make you look and enjoy something really worth your while? Michael Ninn has been on the forefront of video production and creative adult filmmaking for years. Decades, even. Now, at his eponymous site, he shows us what his vision of artcore, as he refers to it, is. Get ready for chic erotica, tasteful and stimulating!

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Michael Ninn

Intro promises:
Do you sometimes feel today’s erotica could use a bit more taste to it, and video production skills as well? Perhaps, some glamour wouldn’t hurt either, right? There is a place where you can get all of it, and a lot of it as well. The name Michael Ninn may be unknown to you, but the reality is he’s been on the frontier of creative video production for decades. First music videos, then adult videos, then who knows what, there’s always something going on in the Michel Ninn world – and you can be sure it’s beautiful. The site he has released for fans of his work and those who need something better-looking, more imaginative and meaningful than just porn, it’s a perfect place to experience Ninn’s very own approach to erotica. The experience starts with the tour which is pretty fucking glamorous and visually stunning, if you ask us. The site takes you to the Michael Ninn world with a very cinematic video intro, and then it’s eye candy all along the way. The tour explains the concept, and the concept is there are different series here showcasing different aspects of Ninn’s talent. The division into series mostly revolves around dividing the content into solo glamour shoots, girl on girl shoots, hardcore sex, and all of the above with a bit of fetish twist to it. If you think this sounds too usual, well, you’re wrong. Every set in the series is a cinematic masterpiece, and you’ll see it.

Michael Ninn is quite a genius of video production, we’ll give you that. Although this is the kind of site which doesn’t require much pushing, honestly. If you have an eye for classy video production, performers who can actually act and not just show their genitalia, and stories which evoke emotions and fantasies as opposed to boring pound me silly episodes, you’ll find yourself at home here. Michael Ninn’s site is new, but he’s definitely not new to the scene, so you can expect to see tons of episodes in finest high definition quality here already. As Mr. Ninn continues his endeavors, there will definitely be more and more great-looking material here, behind the scenes videos included. The series here we mentioned before are not just about the kind of action, solo, girl on girl, or hardcore. Each series has its own style, its own way of bringing you to the peak of pleasure. From light-filled episodes of Innocence to darker, gothic, dramatic features of Fetish plus a few series in between, Michael Ninn showcases the different sides of his talent like a well-cut diamond to you. Hundreds of models are featured here already, and the content count is in the thousands for photos and hundreds for videos. Chic, artcore, glamour, art erotica, call it what you will. Ninn got style and class and understanding of the erotic, and if you can feel these things, you’ll feel them to the full here.

Michael Ninn is one of the pioneers of tasteful porn and erotica, and the experience he has, it really shows. Join his world and enjoy dozens of video episodes and hundreds of photo sets split into series according to the kind of action and the kind of atmosphere the shoots convey. The site comes loaded with finest quality content ever and offers other insights into the Ninn world, like a store, some behind the scenes material, on set footage and much more. Beware, this stuff is visually and sensually addictive!

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