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Midget Sex Zone

Midget Sex Zone

Review date: 23-Sep-2017 08:07. The only way you're going to be satisfied with Midget Sex Zone is if you have small expectations. Unfortunately, I'm not just referring to the little performers here. This site falls short in a number of areas.

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Midget Sex Zone

Intro promises:
First off, like other sites belonging to the same network that this one does, the video section consists of 90 feed sites that are mostly unrelated to the theme of this site. I only found one that had midget content and it was a pay-per-view site, which means that besides a few free previews, you have to pay more to see more midget fucking.

Second, the content is nonexclusive, which means you may have already seen it somewhere else. Thirdly, the quality of the images you'll find in the 65 photo galleries is only average. Furthermore, the hardcore action mostly features the same two midgets - Bridget the Midget, who gets fucked by full-sized men, and Tiny Peter, who screws full-sized women.

With all the material you get via the bonuses, the overall package adds up to a good portion of porn to sink your teeth in. Unfortunately, this site comes up a little short in terms of main midget content.

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