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Mikaela Witt

Mikaela Witt

Review date: 21-Apr-2015 19:32. Mikaela Witt is this gorgeous blonde who is most famous as a host of several Playboy TV products. That’s kinds of hot, but there is more to this UK glamour and fetish model than the Playboy people can show us. Check out her all-new personal site full of HD videos and photos where Mikaela does whatever she can, wears ultra naughty lingerie, fools around with other hotties and more.

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Mikaela Witt

Intro promises:
What’s up with all these UK models who started getting personal erotic sites all of a sudden? Or is it just us and this trend has been around forever? Maybe we live in a cave. In this cave over here, it feels as if more and more models who work in mainstream areas like centerfold magazines and erotic TV are building personal sites for their fans and everybody else who could possibly become one. Why? Well, we guess it’s because they have a naughtier side that is not exactly great for daytime TV and magazines in mom and pop stores. They go online where, as you know, anything goes. Maybe they need some extra cash as well, haha. Anyway, we do like this trend. The girls are usually super gorgeous, and their sites are full of high grade content. We mean, no decent model would offer her fans crappy quality content after she has done a few profile gigs, right? So here’s this girl called Mikaela Witt here. Turns out she’s an established erotic model and a Playboy TV presenter. Guess Playboy TV is not enough for Mikaela! She wants you to see her kinky lingerie shots and all the girl on girl videos she stars in – and lots of other stuff. So she got herself this eponymous site and we recommend that you have a look at the tour of Mikaela Witt right now.

Oh boy. Looks like Mikaela is really horny. The site may not have the most crazy ass hardcore content you will ever see – but as you explore Mikaela Witt deeper (pun intended), you will eventually get rock hard and ready to blow. The episodes are loaded with tease and seduction, and the naughty filthy write-ups do not really make it easier for you. And they shouldn’t! Mikaela Witt is a modern site by all means. You get to stream and download her 720p videos and browse 3,000 px photos. For videos, you can choose between MP4 and WMV, which is more than enough these days. Mikaela Witt lets you download and stream everything without limits, and every week, there is something new to see. Damn how does she do that? Without getting fucked in front of you, she makes you super worked up and horny and thinking you are actually doing her. Oh, these naughty British models. Mikaela Witt changes from one dirty-looking (and very glamorous) outfit into another, and you do not want this whole thing to stop – except you will shoot your jizz all over the place very soon. Mikaela Witt is definitely one of the most fun solo softcore erotic sites to check out. Oh, and did we also mention there’s plenty of girl on girl play here? Lesbian, lingerie, tease, you better have enough napkins ready.

Mikaela Witt works for Playboy TV, but she is way crazier, hotter, and you are going to love this. Mikaela Witt is also the name of her all-new personal site full of all sorts of specials. Photo shoots, glamorous videos, more amateur-style selfies, she has it all. Read the write-ups and watch her kinky lingerie-themed erotic explorations, and you will be ready to squirt all over your place in no time at all. See Mikaela Witt now!

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