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Review date: 26-Oct-2015 15:58. Do you like horny MILFs from all over the world who are beautiful, have tasted a bit of life, and are more than ready for new insane sexual adventures? If so, a fun new site called Milfosaurus is here to help. It’s a great new place from this up and coming Maxi Hard network. It has original content in HD, fully downloadable, many nice features, bonus access to other sites, and more.

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Intro promises:
What is it that you are looking for in a MILF? We guess, a more or less universal set of features would be hot looks, a bit of class, and that very special easy-going attitude to sex, that carnal open-mindedness which really gives you a boner whenever you think about it. And how about a MILF-themed adult site, then? We guess an OK set of features would be never-seen ladies, downloadable videos in good quality, and some bonus stuff – but not too much of it because you may end up feeling as if you’re getting crap for the sake of getting a lot of it. Milfosaurus here is a brand new site belonging to this up and coming network called Maxi Hard. It’s so brand new we’re not even sure all of the sites are officially live at the moment we’re writing this. But anyway, the site is looking good, the free area is loaded with hot stuff, and we think this just may be the next big MILF porn hit to check out. Have a look at the free area which gives a nice taste of what’s inside. There are streaming video trailers, and the tour also showcases quite a few of the site’s features, like tags, categories, models and other stuff. Looking good so far, just glamorous enough to make us think about all these cheeky, horny, promiscuous MILFs always ready to try new tricks – or just ride a new fuck stick!

Milfosaurus is quite a site! First of all, it’s offered in as many as 3 languages in addition to English, French, Spanish, and Brazilian Portuguese. Well, it’s great, because some of the MILFs featured here are from outside the US, France, for instance. The site offers a pretty standard set of content with pictorials and video episodes. The latter run for around half an hour each and offer all the streaming and download options you are used to. The main format here seems to be MP4, which is quite versatile. Expect to see all the glammed up, well-groomed, sexually adventurous ladies around 40, sometimes younger, sometimes a bit older. What we liked about Milfosaurus and what definitely sets it apart from other sites is how diverse the action gets. Like, yeah, there are your regular fuck flicks with next door MILFs seducing younger guys. But there are stories with more to them than just that. Like that one where a young girl was fucking her big black bf and then her busty mother was caught masturbating to this – and got involved. Or the one where there’s this French MILF slut with a passion for anal and weird insertions, fucked, fisted, and explored with a speculum all in one scene. Sometimes things get pretty crazy here, and this only makes Milfosaurus better. Quite a beast we have here, so you know, check it out!

Milfosaurus is part of this new Maxi Hard network which just got launched and apparently balances pretty well between big and great. It’s both. Whatever site from the bunch you access, you get access to all of them, and there are 4 right now. With more coming for sure. Milfosaurus has some pretty edgy MILF videos which touch upon kinkier things than your average MILF site. Check it out for MP4 HD downloads, MILFs from all over the world, and some pretty intense and crazy sex!

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