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Milking Table

Milking Table

Review date: 2-Jun-2014 09:00. If you thought massage-themed porn with all sorts of happy endings was hot, wait till you see Milking Table! Imagine a hot girl who really looks like the sexiest pornstar ever invites you to lay on the table face down, then she gets under the table and milks your hard cock through a special hole! Milking Table puts a whole new twist to happy ending massage sex! You have to see it!

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Milking Table

Intro promises:
Dick milking? Horizontal glory hole? What the hell do these people mean? Milking Table is one of the newest sites that we found out about this week, and of course we wanted to tell you all about it. After all, it’s not just a great-looking site with hot 1080p videos. It’s a site that you can really get addicted to, this is how good it is. Not just good, most importantly, it’s unique and special. What if tables in massage parlors had holes where your cock usually is? Or rather, what if walls with glory holes were horizontal? Imagine the possibilities, a hot girl would go under the table, she’d grab your cock and lick your sack and stroke and suck and what not. And then bam, you shoot all over her face and boobs and everything else! But wait, if you were on the table, you wouldn’t be able to see the girl doing it. She’s totally stroking her cunt while blowing you, isn’t she? Milking Table lets you experience the whole thing in a beautiful and very satisfying way. The site specializes in footage from massage parlors where guys enjoy girls servicing them – and themselves – from underneath. Like we said, it’s brand new, and it comes loaded with awesome goodies. The tour is very well put together, with extra large preview images and a kickass video trailer. Plus, the glamorous look is balanced out by a whole load of site facts and details. So, we’re getting inside!

Oh dear lord! Milking Table is even better than we thought. The site is a prime example of modern porn where a great idea meets great production. Milking Table is quite new, so you may need to wait a little for the site to get bigger. But hey, there’s a new episode here every week, which means a super crisp looking photo gallery and a full length HD video episode are added. Plus, there’s always bonus content with some interesting finds in there as well. For us, Milking Table was about enjoying the whole thing, not counting pictures, that’s for sure. We loved the concept, and in each episode, some pretty nasty sexual stuff goes down. The girls tease the guys in all sorts of ways, and then the table part comes. The best part of it? You get to see everything the girl does, and she does a lot. Not only she strokes and eats and swallows the cock and the balls. She rubs herself, bounces her booty up and down, and does all sorts of other sexy things and tricks – with very special sexy grace, too. On top of that, all girls are young, sexy, crazy pornstars – and they wear see-through and nylon outfits you won’t be able to stop staring at. All in all, Milking Table is a total delight. The site is eye candy to the last detail, with 1080p videos that look amazing on whatever platform you play them on. The action is special, the girls are super hot – what else could one want?

Milking Table is a next generation adult site that builds the much-needed bridge between a great sexy idea and near-flawless production. You’ll love the whole horizontal glory hole thing for sure, and you’ll be asking yourself why the hell nobody did that before. Well, now we have Milking Table, and it’s rocking. Get inside, download these 1080p HD flicks, explore the site features, and make sure you check out how the girls spread their legs and work their pussy while milking that lucky guy on the table!

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