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Miss Bunny

Miss Bunny

Review date: 14-Oct-2017 06:24. I want to take Miss Bunny home and play with her all night. And unless you’re a gay man, I’m pretty sure you will too. She’s got heart-shaped nipples, fire-red hair, and a pink Playboy bunny tattoed on her ankle, and when she smiles you can almost see the little angel on one shoulder and the little devil on the other. This is the kind of girl that defines sexy.

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Miss Bunny

Intro promises:
Ok, Miss Bunny herself aside, this site is first-rate. Everything works properly, the video quality is excellent, all the links took me to the right places, and the content is as good as I expected, if not better. Bunny’s quick to point out that she runs the site, and the quality of it shows she’s a savvy businesswoman with a smokin’ bod to boot. She’s got photos, videos, a live show every week, a diary, a toy store and more, complete with purple background, little bunnies, and hearts galore.

The movies are, of course, the most exciting feature, although the photos here are above average. All of Miss Bunny’s video encounters are with women, and there’s usually a strap-on involved. I watched “Three Girl Strap-On Action in Las Vegas” with eyes wide open, and I delighted in Miss Bunny’s sexy grin as she licked one girl’s pussy while the other fucked her from behind with the strap-on. This girl is no amateur. In fact, she’s also a stripper at a club in Philly, and she posts her schedule on the site so that her fans in the Philly area can catch her live. So if any SexHeralders in Philly have a couch I could crash on…

Everything on Miss Bunny’s site made me happy, and a five-fish rating would have been in order if not for a few little things that I desired. First, I couldn’t seem to access any older films — and for a site that’s five years old, the amount of videos I did have access to was disappointing. Second, in order to watch movies I had to download them instead of streaming them on the site, which was fine with me but could pose problems for some viewers. But those are minor issues and the site is top-of-the-line regardless of them.

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