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Miss DP

Miss DP

Review date: 13-Jan-2017 07:20. Double penetration? Hell to the yeah! Miss DP brings you the freshest European pornstars in the nastiest double penetration videos ever. You know you want to see two hard cocks worked into that crack at the same time, so what’s stopping you? Sometimes these cocks are of different colors, too! The site is just buzzing with fun things, so don’t miss out.

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Miss DP

Intro promises:
For these out of control European and American porn babes, one dick is never enough. They like the sensation of having two hard rods whipping their pussies and buttholes into a ravaged pink mess at the same time. Double drilling, definitely one of the hottest things to see in porn. It’s quite a crazy, unorthodox thing to do, and the reaction of the girl usually drives your adrenaline through the roof — as if it wasn’t high enough! So, just to make everybody out there who is craving for a fresh load of DP-themed porn happy, here’s something new for you. The hotspot is called Miss DP, and it looks like a pretty wild place swarming with hot items that we know you can’t wait to lay your eyes on. And lay your hands on something else down there, you know what we mean lol. Miss DP is your classic hardcore porn site made with high quality in mind. It also comes bundled with 3 other niche hardcore sites. They are about MILFs and lesbians, so all together with this DP paradise this makes for a hot little package. Explore the free area and you’ll see just how tightly packed and full of content Miss DP is. Every inch of the tour area is loaded with all kinds of stuff, previews, navigation tools, site facts, icons, text, you name it.

Damn, these girls just cannot get enough dick. Even though they literally have 2 at the same time inside of them! Perhaps there may be a third one there sometimes, just to keep their luscious lips busy? Perhaps. But most importantly, these girls like being filled in the extreme way down there. Miss DP has a nice and growing roster of European (mostly) and American (some) pornstars that have to go through some pretty raw treatment. Did we say have to? They love this shit! There’s usually some story in the beginning, actually more just like a setting. Just to make the episodes look different from one another. The girls are also wearing different outfits and accessories, so it’s never boring. But how can it ever be boring when there’s so much pussy and ass destruction going on here? These Eurobabes are going to be treated bad! The videos come in original HD resolution, they are fully downloadable in a choice of formats, and you also get to download a whole bunch of photos, of course. Naturally, the whole DP thing is more of a video thing. You want to see the whole thing in motion. And you will! The streaming and download options are excellent. Get inside to see these girls completely destroyed and covered in jizz — plus, remember to have a look at the bonus sites, too. Miss DP definitely delivers.

For DP porn fans, Miss DP is definitely a great find. The site’s thoroughly designed interface provides easy access to these outrageously raw double penetration sequences. Get inside to see all these Eurobabes and American pornstars getting completely destroyed. Some of the DP scenes are interracial porn at the same time! White dick, black dick, they don’t care as long as they’re big and there’s two at the same time. See Miss DP now!

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