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Miss Luana

Miss Luana

Review date: 16-Jul-2017 08:11. Miss Luana, though, is not going to be fucking herself with any dildos or getting into any lesbian threesomes, at least not for her regular members. The site is strictly softcore, maybe too soft for some visitors. However, if you are a fan of young, teasing girls, then you might find Miss Luana’s $24.95 monthly fee. However, before you do, you should know about a few things about Miss Luana.

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Miss Luana

Intro promises:
Miss Luana’s website seems pretty average to me. On the plus side, it’s very easy to navigate and very well organized, but on the other hand, it doesn’t really play up Miss Luana’s personality. She’s from Hawaii, yet you couldn’t tell it from the website. I wish Miss Luana would put together some sort of tropical theme to really show off her exotic beauty and the beauty of Hawaii, which would compliment her very well.

You’ll find almost 200 photo galleries in Miss Luana’s photo section, but remember, they’re all softcore. Most feature Miss Luana stripping down and showing off her body, but few focus on her pussy or ass. The photos are all good quality, though, and they are available in zip sets. You’ll find around 50 photos in each of Miss Luana’s galleries, which isn’t bad. Miss Luana also has over 100 videos on her site. These videos are of good quality, and you can download them to your computer, but they are only about three minutes long each. That’s not very much Miss Luana for each clip! As for bonuses, you’ll find that Miss Luana has a store, a diary, some candid photos, a bio, webcam chats, and a forum. Miss Luana also has explicit, hardcore zip sets, but you have to pay extra for them! How much, you ask? That’s the kicker: these things run $24.95 EACH! I’m sorry, Miss Luana, but that’s ridiculous. You can get hot young explicit content from many other websites for a cheaper membership fee. While Miss Luana does update five times a week, and she does have some great content (although the quality does vary in a few places), the extra cost for explicit content really annoys me. Miss Luana is hot, but I don’t think she’s hot enough that she can expect to charge for photo sets.

If you like what you see and are OK with only getting softcore pictures, you might be interested in Miss Luana, but if you want hardcore action, be a smart porn shopper and spend your money more wisely.

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