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Mistress Carly

Mistress Carly

Review date: 11-Feb-2013 04:18. Mistress Carly is an actual UK-based Mistress who has recently expanded her presence in the fetish and SM world by launching a very own website with her sessions recorded in HD. She has become known as the Sex Mistress for the extensive use of CBT, cock play, and using of her servants’ sorry shafts for her very own pleasure – milking included. Find out more about this fine Mistress!

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Mistress Carly

Intro promises:
Craving for something fresh in the femdom and SM-themed erotica? We don’t know about you (though you are totally welcome to tell us), but we are very fond of sites which feature real life people who are involved in the scene. So much better than just paid hired performers, you know! When people know what they are doing, it’s so much more intense and authentic, and this is exactly what we are after. Mistress Carly here seems to have launched a site which is able to completely satisfy any femdom erotica fan. Especially if he’s after heavy CBT and all sorts of pervy cock milking and other sexed up SM play! Mistress Carly is a real life Mistress based in the UK – you know how crazy and perverted these Brits are, right? Basically it means the lady is on the forefront of kink! You can actually book a session with her and worship her and work hard so that she graces your crotch area with the presence of her lovely hands, or anything else she decides to milk your sack with. Well, let’s start with the tour here! Mistress Carly has a dark, sophisticated tour, and that’s how she is herself. She offers quite a bit of site facts and previews so you don’t have any worries while entering her personal vault. Your only worry should be to not get too addicted to her, that’s for sure!

Mistress Carly looks like the ultimate British Mistress from our wildest dreams. Don’t you feel the same way? She’s tall, elegant, busty, auburn-haired, with great taste in lingerie and accessories. She is also extremely skilled in everything SM-related and kinky, and operates an awesome dungeon full of just about any gear you can imagine. Mistress Carly works with male slaves delivering all sorts of torture and humiliation, including varied bondage techniques, anal probing, foot play, refined CBT, and last but not least, sophisticated and kinky cock milking. All the shoots feature the Mistress wearing a jaw-dropping outfit with nylon and leather combined. Also, all of the shoots are filmed in this dungeon she has, and the atmosphere is perfectly dark and brooding there. Mistress Carly offers photo and video updates which are very convenient and easy to browse. You can stream the videos or download them in MP4 format, which is the universal thing for just about any platform, desktop or mobile. The pictures can be browsed separately or in a slideshow. A typical episode is about 20-30 photos and 10-15 minutes of video, and you get new stuff every week. You can feel the presence of Mistress Carly everywhere, the site has a strong personal touch and quite a bit of interactivity and feedback features. Hot, classy, sexed up and nasty, Mistress Carly is ready to subdue, stroke, and milk you!

Mistress Carly is an actual British Mistress who loves turning men into her servants with her very special subjugation, domination, and cock milking techniques. Looking super sexy and acting even sexier, she’ll turn you into a begging mess and then use one of her sophisticated ways to milk your throbbing dick. If she feels like it, of course. Come and find out why they call her the Sex Mistress, watch the HD videos, and maybe even book a session with her if you dare!

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