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Model Flats

Model Flats

Review date: 26-Oct-2017 05:58. Welcome to Model Flats, a site based on an idea with potential, and lots of hit and miss execution on that founding notion. Let's look a bit closer. The "idea" in question is to handpick a bunch of Russian hotties, give them a place to live and pay their bills. In exchange, they have to do whatever the site's producers want them to do. There are a lot of ways this could have gone, and I'm not sure they've even decided on one.

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Model Flats

Intro promises:
There's no sex other than a few moments of female masturbation. There's no real exploitation of these indentured women, which can be a good or bad thing depending on what you want. They're not sex slaves. They don't do chores or dress up like French maids. They basically just put on clothes and take them off again, much of the time while still in their apartment. Sound kinda boring. At times, it is.

Occasionally, the crew ventures out to "scenic" locales like a waterfront venue that looks like a rocky wasteland, perhaps to show how much more attractive the girl is against the stark, barren landscape. She sort of uncomfortably frolics naked at the water's edge for a few minutes, then puts her panties back on and heads home. Meh. Another ilk of the site is that several of the video clips I saw were shot with vertical exposure, making the viewable area much narrower than flick-watchers are used to, and making the whole experience something less than it could have been. The crappy techno soundtrack I could have done without as well. It's not like the girls are dancing or stripping or gyrating to it or anything. The site's basic construction is really treacherous, too. Using frames within frames within frames is a good way to confuse and alienate your clientele and makes usability a nightmare at times. To scroll, you have to make sure you have your mouse over the exact correct part of the screen to get the desired effect. The way the site is put together does work, but it requires a lot more precision and patience than it should. The upsides are significant enough to make some of these hurdles worth surmounting, though. There are some very good-looking ladies here, and the huge pics section is really the highlight of the site. Their built-in slide show mechanism is a little funky and doesn't allow you to right-click to copy or save pictures, but to make up for that lacking construct entire pic sets can be downloaded as zip archives in high or low resolution. Then you can view them however you like, and there are a lot of nice images to be seen.

In the end, there's some nice stuff to ogle here, but it boils down to whether or not you can deal with the troublesome-but-functional site design and byzantine pricing structures. The site isn't bad by any means, but like any relationship, it takes work to get to the good parts.

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