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Moms in Control

Moms in Control

Review date: 27-Jan-2015 14:52. When your girlfriend or young wife has a hot ass mom or stepmom who is pretty much the MILF of your wettest dreams, things can go crazy. They can go even crazier if this mom or stepmom is a total control freak always finding fault with the (step)daughter. She just wants to show her how a man, which means you, should be pleased. Say hello to Moms in Control, a brand new Brazzers site!

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Moms in Control

Intro promises:
Some things may seem old and played out, but do them right and with appropriate dedication and quality, and they begin to shine again. This principle applies to porn as well. Do you know this thing when a guy has a girlfriend and he somehow ends up fucking her stepmom? Or a slight variation, a hot ass MILF finds out her stepson has been boning her best girlfriend. This thing has been a porn scenario since what seems like decades ago. Still doesn’t mean it’s boring now. Doesn’t mean you can’t sit back, whip your thing out and just enjoy the ride. Especially if this ride is brought to you by Brazzers. Yes, THE Brazzers. What have these people been doing all this time? Well, check out Moms in Control here and you will understand. Not only their network features over 32 exclusive sites with more than 7,000 original in-house videos, but in their recent work, the quality level has pretty much gone through the roof. Just have a closer look at the tour. The design is ultra crisp and super glamorous. The free video trailers? Forget about it. Amazing stuff all around, great acting, terrific production, creatively filmed hardcore fucking. These guys wouldn’t be Brazzers if they didn’t pick the sexiest MILFs with the biggest racks and the cutest young girls. Well, looks like they have set the industry standards again. Let’s see more.

We just love when porn is done this way. You know, when it’s kinda pretending to be real, but at the same time it’s also being quite a bit tongue in cheek and ironic about itself. Like, we know it’s fiction when the guy, his girlfriend, and her stepmom are in the kitchen and she’s being a total bitch about her cooking or whatever, and she’s like get on your knees and start sucking, girl. But anyway it’s pretty cool. Brazzers are a company who can invest a lot in their production, and it shows. Not only the 1080p HD videos are super crisp – and they are. In addition to that, the acting is really good, and combined with clever editing and camera work, it makes for a truly cinematic experience. You will see it for yourself. They always choose the angle that would be the most fun, like stepmom’s touching guy’s dick and the girl’s shocked face in the same frame. It’s details like this one that make Moms in Control and all other newer Brazzer products really great. These episodes have enough full length videos and amazingly high resolution photos to keep you entertained for days, if not months. There are around 100 episodes in here right now. It’s a very new site, and you can definitely expect it to grow. Seriously, they have over 7,000 movies in over 32 sites, you think they are going to stop? Moms in Control offers immense value for those into reality porn, MILFs, young VS old, and many other things.

We think you need to have a look at Moms in Control right now. This is one of the best sites we have seen this year, that’s for sure. Moms in Control is a Brazzers production featuring guys, their girlfriends, and stepmoms of said girlfriends all tangled up in crazy, funny, and nasty stories of control and hardcore sex. You need to see all this stuff to believe how top notch it is. Check out Moms in Control now!

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