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Money Talks

Money Talks

Review date: 8-Jul-2017 08:43. Today I'm checking out Money Talks, yet another cool and unique reality site from the folks at the Reality Kings network, definitely one of our favorite networks here at QRP. Money Talks contains lengthy episodes (most are an hour to an hour and a half) and feature regular people off the street (and some pornstars as well) doing crazy things for money.

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Money Talks

Intro promises:
Most of the time the stunts are sexual, sometimes they're just silly...pretty much every episode has some hardcore action in it (usually near the end of the scene). The episodes are typically hosted by a hot chick (either a blonde named Nadine or a brunette named Havoc, among others) and there's nearly an endless supply of stuff they have the various guys and girls they meet up with do. In most cases, the payoff for whatever it is tends to be around $200.

One dude shaves a penis into his head. Another guy gets big penis-shaped stencils stuck on him and then is spray tanned, causing him to have dick silhouettes all over him. A couple of girls off the street are paid to check out pornstud Jack Napier's huge 12 inch dick and then, upon being offered more cash, jerk him off. Two other guys get to play a porn gameshow where naked babes are attached to a spinning wheel and when the guys answer a question correctly they get to tit fuck the chicks or get a BJ. At an AVN convention, the crew pays a chubby woman to model a micro bikini on the convention floor and they put a black dude in skimpy ladies lingerie. And the list goes on and on. Typically, the first 3/4 of an episode contains the various stunts and silly stuff and then things wrap up with the hardcore material which usually involves blowjobs, fucking, and cumshots. For instance, one vid wraps up with the guys paying off a hot blonde salesgirl to first get naked, then suck two of them off, and finally offer up her sweet pussy for some fucking. Another episode contains a bunch of stunts and then they pick up a hottie and pay her to fuck their stuntcock in the back of their van Bang Bus style. The epsiodes here are definitely unique and very fun to watch and I've just scratched the surface of all the crazy stuff you'll see here. The setup here is pretty much identical to the other Reality Kings sites I've checked out. The most recent update is linked up in the center of the page and you can access the archived scenes down below that. A menu across the top of the page connects you with the other sites in the network, a model index, and a keyword and category search. They've currently got 96 scenes to check out and they add a new one twice a month. Each episode comes with a hi-res photoset and a video. The hi-res galleries are available as a zip file or in a gallery and they're typically huge with 400+ pics per set. The images weigh in at around 600 x 900 and are high quality. The videos come with a large amount of viewing options. You have you choice of checking out the full scene all in one vid, as a few smaller chunks, or as multiple short clips. They offer Flash and WMV versions for streaming and WMV, MPG, and MP4 videos for downloading. The vids weigh in at 720 x 480 at 1200-1500K, depending on the clip. The vids here look good but I keep waiting for the RK guys to make the leap and start offering HD videos like a lot of the other reality networks around nowadays. Their videos look nice but the scenes are so fun it'd be nice to watch them in HD.

As expected, joining up here also gets you into the other 27 sites in the Reality Kings network. I've done full reviews of a ton of these sites and they all feature some awesome reality-style porn in a wide variety of genres including Latina, bikini, housewife, euro girls, first-timers, MILF, blowjob, big natural tits, and many more. In addition, the Reality Kings network offers live camshows with 4 of the girls from their sites, We Live Together and MILF Next Door. All told, there are 11 hours of live camshows a week, which is awesome. You'll also find a section called "My RK Girls" where you can add some of the Reality Kings models as "friends". This then allows you to have access to the model's personal status updates, exclusive personal photos, and live cam shows (if they do them).

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