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Mr Happys Glory Hole

Mr Happys Glory Hole

Review date: 14-Sep-2016 12:24. Mr Happys Glory Hole is all about chicks who suck and fuck hard cocks anonymously through glory holes in a bathroom stall. The girls are hot, but the girls never show their face to the guys, and vice versa - the guys just know they are getting their dick sucked or fucked and the girls just know that they have a cock to tend to in the wall! But we know what she looks like.

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Mr Happys Glory Hole

Intro promises:
Most of the girls are fucking hot as hell, and have nice bodies. They are wearing sexy clothes and are all done up pretty. The quality is excellent, and full of fun action. It's kinda funny to be watching a video of the girl in the stall playing with herself and suddenly see a big dick pop through one of the glory holes, wagging it at the chick as if saying, "Hey pay attention to me and please me!". This is a Reality Pass Network site, and you get pics and vids with your membership. There are tons of sets to enjoy. There is a hottie with brown hair and she is in a fishnet shirt and a black bra that is really boosting her sexy titties nicely. She is wearing tiny little panties too. Her 6 inch high heels are pretty hot too, and she has some masturbation time to herself between glory hole jobs. She has a pink dildo that has suction on the bottom, so she sits on it while it's stuck to the toilet. When she sees a cock poke through a hole, she goes to greet it. She sucks one guy's dick and plays with her pussy and titties. She sure gives great blowjobs! The hot ex stripper even backs up against the glory hole wall and shoves the guy's cock into her pussy. She lets him bang her through the wall. The tattooed babe even lets him reach through the other hole and play with her titties while she blows him. This really flexible babe named Lizzy has dark brown hair and huge knockers that are fake. But who cares when they are as big as hers! She bends backwards when she sees a cock go through the hole in My Happy's Glory Hole. She sucks his dick while she does a backbend. You will also see Lizzy squatting down and sucking his cock while she fucks her own pussy with a red dildo. She finishes him off and he blows his load all over her sexy face. The horny slut is left with a huge mess on her face. Cheyenne is a naughty stripper slut who heard about Mr Happy's glory hole spot and wanted a piece of the action. She always was told that she gave excellent blowjobs and had a nice piece of ass, so she thought she would go audition. She gets in the glory hole room and is immediately greeted by Mr Happy's cock. He's gotta test out the girls you know! She sucks his cock and gives him an unvelievable blowjob. She finishes the job off by fucking him with her nice tight cunt, and makes him cum really hard.

I thought that the pics of the glory hole girls were great. They had some really hot girls who reminded me of strippers. Perhaps that is what strippers do in the bathrooms of the strip clubs they work at? Who knows! Well, the pics are very high quality and loaded with great BJ's and fucking scenes. I think you will enjoy them as much as I did! I especially enjoyed the movies. It's pretty funny to watch some chick minding her own business and masturbating, and suddenly see a huge cock pop through the hole in the corner of her eye! The quality was great in the movies, and full of action and different girls. I liked the variety.

Definitely check out Mr Happy's Glory Hole. If you have never been so lucky as to come across a glory hole location, you will probably start looking them up whenever you go somewhere shady. Well, go check it out and enjoy all of the naughty fun! I sure did!

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