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Mrs Starr Sexy Teacher

Mrs Starr Sexy Teacher

Review date: 24-Oct-2017 05:55. In the last decade or so, we have watched the professional amateur, or Pro-Am, genre become one of the biggest selling varieties of movies in porn. Producers have taken Pro-Am and turned it into a major franchise, using the genre's inherent traits of unpredictability and raw sexuality to create some of the most hardcore videos in the business. This is one lesson that Mrs Starr Sexy Teacher still hasn't learned.

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Mrs Starr Sexy Teacher

Intro promises:
I suppose I should begin with the positives of the site, since there aren't that many. If you're a big fan of watching regular people have sex (I'm not, since to me porn is about fantasy and not reality), then you should be pleased. The actors and actresses in each movie seem like regular Joes and Jills who you'd find living in the apartment above yours. You know the apartment, the one with the creepy smell coming out of it and the howling of cats in heat that goes on all day long. he girls, besides Mrs. Starr, are blah and the guys look like polar bears. The action is along the same level and their fucking is nothing to write home about. In fact, chances are you'll feel better about your own performances. I know I've done better at home.

Mrs. Starr herself is the hottest thing on her site, which is the way I'm sure she wanted it. She seems like an exhibitionist who really likes the attention but unfortunately that attention just isn't worth our $19.95 a month. As far as porn actresses go, she's not bad, with her silicone rack and MILF looks, but her acting comes off stilted and nothing she does is particularly noteworthy or mind-blowing. Everything you'll see on this site you'll see on other sites done much better, with a much hotter girl. Technically, Mrs Starr Sexy Teacher also has many faults. In some movies there's only one camera, others only two. One camera can be used in many interesting ways in a POV style but they seem to use some kind of mix of POV and a tripod that gets constantly cut and re-shot and what results is a movie that seems jerky. When two cameras are used the filming can get even sloppier, and you'll get a series of dark shots of Mrs. Starr's knee or elbow. There were even a couple of videos I couldn't download, which is a particularly aggravating problem.

There are full photo galleries that accompany the movies, but nothing else beyond that. For $19.95 a month they could at least some bonus content, but I suppose Mrs. Starr thinks that would take away from her. Take this reviewer's advice and stay away from this site. Mrs. Starr may be teaching, but the lesson is just not worth learning.

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