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Muscle Adonis

Muscle Adonis

Review date: 21-Aug-2017 05:41. If the kind of "petting farm" you fantasize about involves hot and hard young studs, then let's make a special field trip to Muscle Adonis! There is little wonder why the ripped brazen lads presented at this site are so much in demand. Unlike many stud porn portals, the makers of this playground have zoomed in on just the fittest and hardest of young men from around the world.

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Muscle Adonis

Intro promises:
The guys at this site have been seen in National Fitness Magazines, the "Abercrombie Quarterly", "Playgirl" and Vista Video! But here, they show off their best assets along with their erotic talents. There are plenty of solo posing and masturbation sequences to get you into the spirit of this party. These guys love to be videotaped and photographed as they show off each of their muscles. You can watch them in the bedroom, in the shower, or in all sorts of other great places. Some of these guys prefer (as do their fans) to go for that shaved body look. As a member, you get front row seats to their nude body shaving sessions. After these guys have razored their chests and other spots worthy of smoothening out, they take a sensual time out to let some of their pent up sexuality loose. All is captured on film.

If you just like intimate shots of nude male hard bodies, you will have lots to muse over. If watching these guys stroke their cocks to orgasm makes you smile, you'll be very happy. The makers of this site decided to keep the doors open when it comes to sexual orientation and as such, the muscle men can be viewed with other guys or chicks too. It really doesn't matter which shade of sexuality you prefer, if you like hot extremely fit and totally erect guys, the galleries here are bound to please. While the content at Muscle Adonis is very good and definitely on topic, I did find the navigation of the members area to be somewhat confusing and counter intuitive. So, while these guys will get good points for their hard bodies, I have to nick them for site design. 6000+ photos and 30 videos are what you get as a member. The quality of the snaps and clips is a mixed bag. Some of the galleries are super sharp, while other leave you wanting more. After checking out the members' area, I found opportunities for improvement.

Regardless, $24.95 for 30 days is still a reasonable price for rounding up so many muscle men under one cyber roof. If you're looking for something hot and hard, you may want to check out Muscle Adonis!

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