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Muscle Romania

Muscle Romania

Review date: 1-Nov-2017 05:02. Muscle Romania is not to be confused with the domestic WrestleMania franchise, but is instead a muscle worship site dedicated to beefcake who bulk up and work out in Romania. The men featured on this site display an array of different body types that are all, at the same time, in top physical form. Some of the guys are lean and muscular and others are just brute force jammed into a jockstrap.

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Muscle Romania

Intro promises:
The video galleries currently have clips formatted for Windows Media Player 10 that utilize the XviD standard and some members may have issues with browser and/or OS compatibility. (There is, however, quite an extensive FAQ for those in need of technical assistance.) Each of the videos has a short descriptor, like: 'Claude Hot Video 1,' 'Xander Erotic Work-Out 4,' and so on and content updates are labeled accordingly, as well. Claude is a huge guy with almost Nordic features who is clearly quite proud of the work that he has done in the gym. He poses naked; coyly covering his cock and balls with the bodybuilder equivalent of jazz hands, in four separate WAV files.

Individual model pages have more extensive captions, like Martin 'only 24 at the time of the filming already had more size, quality, and symmetry. You can see [him] at the gym and in various locations, intending to show the spectacular development of this awesome young man. We feel we succeeded. If you like big beefy cut young muscle, Martin's the man for you!' And Raven is described as 'the competitive natural bodybuilder, model and actor, who is achieving international recognitions with his magnificent look and classic proportions. As one fan noted, 'RAVEN reminds me of ancient legends.'"

The homepage for Muscle Romania is reminiscent of the opening sequence of The Brady Bunch, but the individual models, unfortunately, stay firmly locked in their respective cubes. There is no hot Romanian-on-Romanian action, just hot Romanians flexing for your viewing pleasure. The navigation of the site, itself, is a breeze and the photography and videography are clean and crisp throughout allowing users to experience every tensed muscle, every popping vein, and every bulging Speedo in sharp definition. Fresh meat is announced in the News section and bodybuilders can chat about nutrition and workout strategies in the Forum (which is a common feature on muscle worship sites like this). Please note: Overtly sexual imagery and video sequences of full-on fucking between the featured Romanian bodybuilders are, however, are sold separately (which is also a common feature on muscle worship sites like this).

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