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My 3D Girlfriends

My 3D Girlfriends

Review date: 25-Apr-2014 05:24. At some point, you definitely get bored with watching other people have sex. Check out My 3D Girlfriends for an incredible blend of better-than-real 3D animation and interactive features that let you live out your dirtiest fantasies. Don’t think it’s a thing just for the nerds. These babes are so damn hot and they look so damn real you will be spunking hard before you know it. See it!

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My 3D Girlfriends

Intro promises:
Even the most enjoyable things can make us bored sometimes. Yes, this includes hardcore porn with sexed up pornstars, my friend. After a while you realize you are just watching it and it’s not like anything special happens that often. One thing, it’s mostly just all the same thing, and another thing, you are not really that involved. Both of these things suck, really. Also, if you turn to the so-called 3D porn and to all these interactive computer games with adult content… Well, you know, they are usually not that well-made. As in, they look like crap, and are not that entertaining. This could have been the truth, but only until now. Now, we can enjoy this amazing new product called My 3D Girlfriends. It’s a site, yes, but it’s not your average thing that just lets you watch whatever other people have made. My 3D Girlfriends is all about you controlling your 3D character and the entire situation – the situation being that you hook up with a super sexy 3D babe of your choice! We know it sounds like many other things, but wait till you see the trailer. It’s available right on the tour page of My 3D Girlfriends. The graphics just blew us away. Also, the 3D slut is talking to you! Asking for more of your big hard cock, obviously. Now this is fun! We do want to see more, and we know you do as well.

Holy shit, this is even better. My 3D Girlfriends does really have the potential to surprise. The site has a few things in common with paysites you know (and love, some of them). Each week, they add new situations and new things that let you have a different experience in the 3D world. But at the core of it, you always have the same thing. This babe hooks up with this stud, meaning you – and you control so many things about the situation. You can choose between multiple camera angles. Yes, there’s POV there, too. Closeups as well. Even picture in picture! Damn. Then, you can choose what kind of action takes place next, doggy style, oral, anything. There are a handful of other features. Including volume control, for your new 3D girlfriend’s moans and speech. If only real life girlfriends had that, right? The features are plentiful, but the main thing about My 3D Girlfriends is how fucking excellent the image quality and the rendering is. Without looking weird or just too lifelike, these girls look smooth, sleek, hyper curvy, and they also move according to natural laws of physics. Add music and sound, and you have a total whirlwind of completely new sensations. Before you know it, you will think it’s your big hard bone ripping this slick 3D slut apart. My 3D Girlfriends definitely stands out from all other sites and we are sure it will be a bestseller.

My 3D Girlfriends is just mind-blowing. The site is completely ready to beat the shit out of all competition, including lousy 3D porn sites and boring interactive games that look they were made by retarded children. My 3D Girlfriends offers a very immersive experience where you are the one in control. See what this amazing new product has to offer, marvel at the excellent graphics, and stroke yourself till you pass out because this shit is just beyond hot! See My 3D Girlfriends now!

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