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My Austin White

My Austin White

Review date: 8-Mar-2016 19:14. Austin White is a mind-enslaving redhead obsessed with latex and other things kinky. She has a lot of great things, like gorgeous, very special looks, fiery red hair, a teasing grace that will make you drool – and now she also has a personal site where all these things combine for your pleasure. Loaded with hi-def videos of Austin and other queens of kink, it’s a real must-visit.

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My Austin White

Intro promises:
Do you like the tingle you get when you see a beautiful, smart and stylish woman posing and teasing in tight-embracing latex? If you do, we got good news for you here. Austin White, a latex-loving redhead who could easily become your next fetish-themed porn crush, now has a website which is ready to become your gateway to her world. What kind of world is that? It’s a world of posing and teasing in latex and various kinky-looking outfits, fooling around with other fetish models and generally being fetish porn’s ravishing, radiant redhead. Quite a lot, don’t you think? Austin White is definitely a girl from a new generation of adult entertainment stars, the ones not just with the body and with tons of flicks she starred in, but also with her very own style, soul and spirit. Also, the tour of her site looks really classy and neat. Start your trip into the Austin White world right there with the trailer, sample images and live updates from her Twitter feed. The tour is somewhat minimalistic in its look and feel (still really classy), but it offers just enough information for you to get curious what this Austin is all about. Apparently she’s all about being a sexy redhead who explores her latex urges on a daily basis! And you totally should explore yours, together with gorgeous Austin here, of course.

We’re so glad adult entertainment is keeping up with the times, which are, as you know, a-changing. What we mean is that Austin White’s official site is really great when it comes to creating a seamless, thoroughly enjoyable experience for anyone who is into fun, kinky redheads and latex outfits. There is a strong personal touch here, not just a bunch of videos and pictures thrown together with no story behind them. Austin is a real girl, she enjoys what she does, she travels a lot, to all sorts of fetish shows and stuff, and the camera loves her. Combine all these things, add live shows on top of that, and you have a basic picture of what her site really is. The ‘my’ part in the site’s name really works. Once you get to know Austin, who, by the way, kinda has the class and the curves of pinup models back from the day, you won’t be able to stop following what she does. The site features a nice package of fresh high definition softore shoots with the beauty – and with other beauties, too. These are really well-filmed, showing every detail about how tight latex outfits and garments embrace her lovely body. Austin has a bit of a thing for vintage and retro looks, so extra points to her for that. So, crowning it all, the girl is special, and she has special talents, too – check her out!

My Austin White is the official site of Austin White, a fun, fiery, flirty redhead who has a bit of a thing for vintage looks, retro outfits and latex garments. Bridging high definition content which is both fresh and sensual with live updates from the Austin world, the site is an irreplaceable find for her fans. And we totally predict she’ll have thousands of them soon. She probably does already. Check her out, this is the kind of girl which made us feel good about the future of adult entertainment, really!

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