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My Bros GF

My Bros GF

Review date: 13-May-2017 10:08. Got the hots for your brother’s girlfriend? Pursuing these hots can get you deeper than you can imagine – in every possible meaning! My Bros Gf explores all the sexy and scandalous things which happen when hot young girls let brothers of their boyfriends pound away at their ever-needy pussies. A cool concept, genuine HD vids, what else do you need?

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My Bros GF

Intro promises:
My Bros Gf is a really special site which gives unprecedented room for exploring your infidelity and adultery related fantasies. You can roleplay all this in your head imagining yourself to be any of the characters – or you can just enjoy the great, guilt-driven sex which takes place, and maybe the scandal which follows as well. But let’s not hurry. Things deserve a close attentive look here. My Bros Gf is a freshly launched site which comes together with two highly special bonus sites exploring very particular sex situations. One of them touches upon punishment fucks administered to adulterous girlfriends, and the other explores the sexy craze which happens when a guy’s girlfriend gets seduced by the his own horny mom and dad. Well, finally there’s porn which you can relate to, right? It’s great to know someone in porn valley (or in Europe, as these hotties look European to us) actually pays attention to stories behind the fucking. My Bros Gf has a rich, glossy preview area which offers a lot of information for a would-be customer. Except maybe for a video trailer. A lot of episodes are laid out so that you can experience the concept better, and these have background stories and even site member comments. This is an interesting addition, this comments thing. Great to know someone is inside already and speaks out about the stuff available. Let’s join the watching crowd, shall we?

On the outside, My Bros Gf seems pretty high class and trustworthy. It’s just about the same inside, so your expectations are fully met and satisfied. The site is definitely new and the guys didn’t have time to overload it with content yet. Still there are a tad over than 40 episodes here right now. The update schedule promises daily additions, which is a nice thing. The episodes have a set of pictures and a bunch of videos all together. The highest quality setting is HD WMV, and you can download the 30-something minute flicks without any limits. Our guess is you won’t be thinking about the tech side too much here – though it’s definitely on a very high level here. Thing is, these episodes are so exciting to watch in every possible meaning that the resolution question becomes kinda secondary. All episodes feature a truly hot-looking European chick who fucks the brother of her boyfriend under various circumstances. Everything feels like it’s real life and therefore is sexy as hell. Taking a shower with the brother around, clever scenarios with the bf leaving on some errand and the sinners getting it on, there are tons of thrills to have here – and the sex feels twice as hot as a result. In the end the brother enters the scene, mad as hell, obviously. It is really a sexual and emotional rollercoaster here, and we totally loved it.

My Bros Gf, though it has the ubiquitous gf part in its name, is by no means a site with generic porn inside it. In fact, quite the opposite. The site churns out eye candy HD episodes with sinful girlfriends getting fucked by brothers of their boyfriends. There’s plenty of space for imagination work here, and the sex itself is peppered with all sorts of intense emotions. The site is a great modern adult entertainment product in every possible way. Remember to check out the two sites added to your membership, they are just as cool and we will review them soon.

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