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My Girlfriends Revenge

My Girlfriends Revenge

Review date: 10-Mar-2016 09:23. A revenge-seeking female is a terrible adversary. Impulsive and unpredictable, these creatures can fuck you up good. However, My Girlfriends Revenge covers a relatively harmless, at least physically, side of female revengefulness. Get in and watch hot girls fuck other men looking to get back at their lousy partners. Mean, intense, and terribly hot!

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My Girlfriends Revenge

Intro promises:
Just think about it, you fuck it up one or two times, and then she mentions something about a revenge tape, and then you go online and find your girlfriend screwing someone with your picture on the table, saying fuck you straight in your face (in the picture, that is) as some horse-hung guy works her love hole. Hopefully this will not be the case with you. Even if you don’t expect any revenge coming your way, it’s still lots of fun to watch these desperate, angry females get back at their unlucky men in all sorts of nasty sexy ways. My Girlfriends Revenge is packed with picture and video material which is naughty just about as much as it’s emotional. The blend is very curious, we must say. Driven by anger and revenge (and lust for sure), the amateur girls outrun any porn performer in their desire to break all limits. Browse the free area for picture and video samples and see it’s not just another amateur porn site with a pretty irrelevant story on top. Every movie offers a new very emotional twist coming together with the abundance of hardcore amateur sex. Revenge gets so much sweeter for girls when they have a fat veiny dick in their mouth! Some of the scenes feature puzzled faces of boyfriends when they discover there’s some tape story going on. All in all, the site successfully mixes believable plots with hardcore action supercharged with revenge which seems to be pretty much a sex drive booster for young girls.

Your account at My Girlfriends Revenge comes with a generous extra of bonus sites. These come in dozens and range from mainstream hardcore and reality porn to wives, squirting, panties, and many more. Before you wander off to the bonus realms, make sure you explore the place’s very own selection of material. Both the videos and the pictures are there, and they look very decent for amateur-made footage. Many of the items here clearly come from direct user submissions. We only hope your girlfriend does not discover this submission feature so that your photo would be standing near her bed as she would be riding some random stud. The site’s content is pretty high grade amateur porn enriched and peppered with the bitter sweet taste of revenge which makes it fun to watch and adds plenty of heat to the action.

Well, what can we say. It’s terrifying to think that our girlfriends can fuck someone and post the footage online just to piss us off. On the other hand, watching other guys’ girlfriends do it is so much fun! The site comes packed with a generous amount of self-made pictorials and videos which are very good to watch online and download. We just hope you don’t find your girlfriend getting it on with your buddy here. But then again, the thrill of thinking about it turns it into a very enjoyable and satisfying experience in the end!

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