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My Latina Honeys

My Latina Honeys

Review date: 16-Aug-2017 06:25. When I say 'boilerplate', what's the first thing that runs through your mind? For those of us who actually experienced the word processor revolution, you may be imagining various office documents and contracts where you just fill in the blanks to make a 'new' 'unique' document.

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My Latina Honeys

Intro promises:
Some of you may already understand why I'm even mentioning 'boilerplate' in conjunction with adult websites - especially if your pattern matching skills are not dormant. So when it comes to My Latina Honeys, for those who are wondering if My Asian Honeys, My Euro Honeys, and All My Honeys seem to familiar to not be threaded in some way, you're on the money - My Latina Honeys IS yet one more ethnic instalment by a producer who has decided to take on sexy visible minorities in a major way! The makers of this site purport to 'Spice up Your Life' with lovely latina ladies of twenty somethingish vintage. And, I must admit, that in the full on porn world, a site devoted to beauty and glamour is a refreshing oasis of gentler adult entertainment. If you're into tasteful sensual visual encounters with young women of Latin American origins (not necessarily living in Latin America), My Latina Honeys may just be the magic spice you're looking for.

Ethic-centric adult sites are not new by any means, but those which focus on glamour in a softer way seem to be fewer than those which do not. Something I have noticed with all the (My ? Honeys) sites produced by the same makers is that they have done a pretty good job of keeping the sites tasteful - members' don't have to worry about accidentally tripping into some potentially offensive caches of content. Whenever a link may lead to an 'XXX' (or other non-softcore) destination, there is a clear literal warning. That's a classier touch and demonstrates how 'boilerplate designs' can guarantee some good qualities are inherited by all sites produced from the same design. But it's not all roses though - there are a few thorns in this bouquet as well. As a member, you get access to picture and video galleries featuring about 25 Latina hotties. From the main members' area, you can choose a specific model, or go right to the picture and movie collections. Each model listing offers a brief bio stating the model's ethnic origin, location (mostly USA), and vital stats (except date of birth). All picture and video galleries involving the model are listed as thumbnailed links. You can easily list all the photo galleries (over 180) and select a gallery title pic to browse the photo set. Each of the galleries also lists the Models' names so you can find more of the same model if you like what you see (you can even rate the photos). The pictures in the photo galleries are very good overall (689x1024) but the visual watermarks are a bit more over the top than in most other high quality glam sites I have reviewed. You may purchase 8x10 prints of the photos in the galleries. The video galleries (about 60) are softcore teasers which you can view onscreen in streaming mode or download (WMV 1500kb/s or 640x480 resolution).

For the amount and (reasonable) quality of on-topic content, the $9.99 monthly fee is very fairly priced and the Latina lovelies featured at My Latina Honeys are worth a peek (or two)!

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