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My Life In Brazil

My Life In Brazil

Review date: 9-Jul-2010 12:35. Brazil looks like a country where good times never end. My Life In Brazil, yet another classy and original product from Bang Bros, is centered around Tony the stupid sex-loving Gringo who hooks up with thick, juicy, horny natives. And it’s working well for both parties! Never before has yummy Brazilian booty been closer to your eyes.

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My Life In Brazil

Intro promises:
Looks like Bang Bros wrecked enough domestic pussy. The guys are now taking a trip to Brazil, and they’re taking you with. Well, for now, with their pictures and videos only but who cares if you get to see the best of what happens to them there without having to pay for tickets and sweat in hotels? The site offers a nice-looking selection of ethnic porn with a reality feel. It’s all about one guy Tony who walks around and fucks about picking random local girls all of which seem to be up for a hardcore fuck at any given moment. The site combines funny, creative and sometimes mean plots with tons of premium class Brazilian booty and pussy which look and feel just too damn good.

The site is a classic Bang Bros thing with the same high production values and the same way the entire thing is organized. Drool over the preview stories, photos and clips in the free zone, and proceed further for the real thing. Being fairly new, the site now features only around 30 episodes, but hell, you’re dealing with the top name in porn today. They will update their sites and this one in particular just like they promised, unless maybe the Earth stands still. For movies, you can choose between streaming and downloading. Either option is quite cool and the speeds are fast enough. The videos are WMVs mostly, and each episode includes around 30 minutes of these. The photos are separate with around 200 for each story. Just like we said, the site has a great reality feel to it with a bit of talking and fucking about in the beginning and some really natural and spontaneous sex following it all. You totally get the feeling of being a guy in Brazil who can fuck just about any girl he meets. The site also has a model index which is a nice way to find the Brazilian chica you liked later on. The production values are high enough here and everything looks exactly the way you expect it to look. Your membership includes around 20 other sites, and you can be sure they are just as classy as My Life In Brazil.

Join Tony on his quest for more Brazilian pussy to fill. The site is a great reality product with dozens of superior Brazilian girls all ready to show off their gorgeous bodies and easy-going attitude to sex. The videos are downloadable, the pictures have high resolution, everything here is top notch. You can be sure Bang Bros do not mess around when it comes to adult production. If you are turned on by Brazilian girls and want to have some street fun without actually going there, or maybe before you do so, this is your thing.

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