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Review date: 23-Aug-2017 06:24. Ehh 'I can't say I was altogether feeling My POV BJ. The site is attractive and easily maneuverable and all, but the critical flaw, for me, lies in the very point of the site; one that I think appeals to a more esoteric group of porn fans.

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Intro promises:
I admit, I am more intrigued at the idea of being able to see the action from all angles. Maybe I've been watching porn for a bit too long, but that's what I look for when I pop in a tape or click on a Windows Media file ' wicked, weird camera shots. Up, down, back, forth and a twirl or two. The setup, where we meet the girl and watch her strip down in the first clip, is the only time the camera doesn't deviate from the POV of the dick.

Don't get me wrong 'watching cute redheads like #22 Katie run the broad side of her tongue across the shaft of a cock turns me on, but it gets old somewhat quickly. For me, the best part of it is imagining that I could probably pull off some anonymous porn by just being a stunt dick. Would probably have to lose a few pounds, though. The coolest thing about the site is the fact that it doesn't have the popular porn star cast. There are a bunch of girl-next-door types with all types of body shapes. Black, white; big boobies, tiny boobies; girl next door and evil goth slut 'they're all present and accounted for. There are a lot of chicks with tongue studs, and I'll bet they offer a little something, um, extra, to the blowjob. The 100-piece picture galleries are all downloadable via ZIP file, but you're basically looking at roughly 80 pictures of blowjobs after the initial stripping pictures. Even if you have a cool picture slideshow screensaver, it's probably not worth your while to even bother with the pics.

With just over 40 videos, it's probably more worth your while to check out the two-day, $4.87 trial. Membership gets you access to three other sites, as well. Spunkbunnies is more my speed, with the fucking and the whole nine yards. But if pure blowjobs given to an anonymous dude from a cute face is your cup of spunk, you'll be right at home here.

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