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My Secret Time

My Secret Time

Review date: 10-Apr-2011 09:02. You knew it! You totally knew some sweet young girls are in fact not as innocent as they look. They must have dirty secrets, and now you have proof. My Secret Time is a fresh new site which is part of the world renowned Club Seventeen series and features drop dead gorgeous teen girls showing what they do when nobody’s watching. Boy is it hot!

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My Secret Time

Intro promises:
It feels so great when you discover someone’s secret. Especially if it involves sweet, seemingly innocent teen girls and something very intimate they would never tell you about. Well, now they don’t have to. My Secret Time tears the cover of innocence off these adorable sweethearts who turn out to be pretty damn insatiable – when it comes to carnal pleasures. The site lets you explore the fantasies, secrets and intimate techniques of real teen girls who are too horny to stop. It actually takes quite a bit of talent to show these things in a natural, believable and arousing way. Well, who could have done it better than the same people that are involved with Club Seventeen and a whole range of other world famous teen erotica products and projects? My Secret Time is just another spinoff they have, and however much the site makes use of previous experience these guys have, it has everything to be a highly successful and enjoyable thing on its own. Check out the sample episodes and the girls laid out for you in the free area. When we were doing this, we felt the magic working already. The girls each seem to have their own personalities, their own secrets, and well, their own ways of playing with their tight, fresh, needy holes. From what we saw in the tour, My Secret Time is not just about fresh teen girls masturbating and cumming – though this is a lot already. Read on and find out!

So, you’ve seen the tour now, and we assume you’re ready and willing for more. My Secret Time never fails to deliver. The site’s specialty is that not only the girls have their orgasms for real, and sometimes you can see it’s not like she’s had a great many of those orgasms in her life yet. What is more, every episode gets you real close to the girl, to her fantasies, her ways of doing secret sexy stuff, and her style and personality. This is what we really liked about My Secret Time. Of course, we loved the content collection as well. As of now, there are around 7 hundred episodes – which is a damned lot, honestly. With video quality going all the way up to 720p HD, this collection of all-exclusive, very engaging content just could not be any better. You can save the movies as WMV files to your system or enjoy the streaming Flash-based playback, the choice is yours and both options feel good. Your average episode lasts for around 20 minutes and this time is all bliss and pleasure as all sorts of lovely 18 and 19 year old girls take you on a trip through their most personal moments. Photos are also here for those who like to savor a still moment, and with a bit less picture galleries than video episodes every gallery still gives you 50 great-looking pictures you have never seen before. You also get bonus access to a whole load of killer teen sites and the network updates daily. Yay!

My Secret Time shows teen girl masturbation in such a great, engaging and emotional way that you will have the site and its videos forever as your standard of quality. Coming from the renowned Club Seventeen group, My Secret Time features beginner starlets each showing her very own way of dealing with her carnal needs. The videos give a great perspective of what the girls are like as personalities and what their preferences in masturbation and toys are. Excellent content, terrific girls, and great value for your money.

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