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My Sexy Couple

My Sexy Couple

Review date: 25-Oct-2017 18:23. What do you think is the hottest hobby a married Indian couple can have? How about shooting all the sex they have on video and putting all the stuff they film on this website? My Sexy Couple documents the sexy adventures of sexy (and also pregnant) Sonya and Sunny in such a way that it’s hard to stop watching. Check My Sexy Couple out now, it’s the place where things get so real!

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My Sexy Couple

Intro promises:
If there is one thing we would all agree on in terms of what porn can be criticized for, it’s lack of chemistry. Between the people in the video, we mean. In most cases, they just go through the motions. This is why for example amateur homemade porn is trending, and this is also why some people actually try to do things differently. Like My Sexy Couple here. This very special new site has quite a curious concept. Imagine this, there’s this young Indian couple, and they record their very own sex videos regularly. It has become part of their life, they update this site regularly, and they keep going even when Sonia, the girl, is pregnant. Really, a unique combination of flavors, kinda like Indian food. The tour here is quite a tease. No video trailer, alas, but the picture previews available in the tour are really impressive. The site has this cool trendy design and looks like a rare combination of pro level quality and natural, completely unfaked sex. Also, check out these brown nipples and this swollen Indian belly! We already feel it's going to be quite a ride, you know. Just look at these two. They do it for fun, and you can see they are glowing with natural joy already. Who cares about plastic pornstars who fake every move and sound when you can see real people do it? We just have to see all of this up close!

My Sexy Couple is quite a rare gem. We don’t mean just because the combination of niches and fetishes is so rare. It’s amateur, it’s Indian, it’s couple, and it’s also often about pregnancy. What a cocktail! But it’s not the only good thing about My Sexy Couple. The site also looks quite professionally made. We guess the couple might do the sex and the shooting themselves when someone else is handling the site. Whatever the exact way they do it is, My Sexy Couple is well-built and a delight to use. The site has gigabytes of footage already. The guys film their real bedroom (and outside-of-the-bedroom too) sex on a HD-enabled camera. The pictures and the movies are really good-looking for this sort of thing. Some of the episodes are solo, with this lovely pregnant Indian housewife exposing her swollen Indian pussy and all the other goodies she has. The girl is next door looking and very cute at the same time – and she does have a great camera presence as well. Her dude is real lucky, that’s for sure. You can tell he knows it by the joy with which he plows her thick Indian pussy and sucks on her big hard brown Indian nipples! They like getting freaky in just so many ways. You’re gonna see it all on HD video. We were real pleased with all the aspects of My Sexy Couple.

My Sexy Couple is a very special site. One of a kind, even. If you have been lacking fresh porn thrills, you’re probably going to love it. It’s a very special blend of amateur, couple, pregnant, and Indian. Watch this crazy young couple explore and enjoy everything their ancestors gave them when they invented Kama Sutra. My Sexy Couple is a great new site with a fresh angle on real life sexual relations and some really good-looking HD footage, too. Don’t miss this one, support the guys so that they can make more great vids!

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