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My Sons GF

My Sons GF

Review date: 13-May-2017 10:09. Sometimes introducing your hot girlfriends to your father is a very bad idea. Ready to find out why? My Son’s Gf features outrageous video stories with hot girlfriends seduced by their boyfriends’ filthy fathers. It’s lust, taboo sex and scandals all combined together – yes, scandals, too, because the son always finds out. Sex, drama, hot girls and dirty dads, you don’t want to miss this crazy combo.

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My Sons GF

Intro promises:
You would normally want your girlfriend to meet your family, but after you see what’s going on here at My Son’s Gf, you will probably think it’s a real bad idea. It’s been a while since we reviewed sites with videos combining sex and drama in such an amazing way. My Son’s Gf is a brand new site exploring what happens when fathers get the hots for the girlfriends of their sons. This is a very special area, and though it looks kinda obvious, we can’t really remember any sites that would focus on this kind of thing. The site is brand new like we told you already, and it comes bundled with two other sites, Help My Wife and His Mommy. These also feature family sex scandals, but of a different sort each. We’ll review them a bit later, or you can check their tours to find out what’s going on. For now, let’s concentrate on fathers and girlfriends here! My Son’s Gf offers a bright, colorful, busy tour area with lots of episode samples, an intro text, and some clever and funny design playing around the site’s theme. No video trailer here, but the episode previews are big, detailed and with important video facts like resolution and duration. Heck, these even have member comments from inside the member area! A well-made tour for sure, and it lets you soak in the atmosphere of the site, that of forbidden lust and taboo quickies which always lead to shitstorm-like scandals.

My Son’s Gf is a modern site by all possible means. The design of the member area, quirky and funny, follows the ideas of the tour. The content area is easy to access and navigate. My Son’s Gf is a new site, and we really mean it. Seriously, we think it has been less than a day since its starting day that we reviewed it. The site was launched with a nice starting package of content which embraces a few dozen of exclusive episodes. Add the same amount of content for each of the two bonus sites coming in the same bundle, and you do have yourself a great deal. My Son’s Gf, and its sister sites, features the kind of porn we really enjoy watching. Filmed with different characters and in different locations, these episodes feature stories which are stimulating and realistic at the same time. The videos’ perfect balance of it-could-totally-happen realism and sexual intensity which really stimulates your imagination will have you watching these films over and over again. It’s like little bits of cinema, but with loads of uncensored sex in it! The plots are different, but there’s always a guy’s girlfriend and his father getting it on secretly, whether indoors or outdoors, only to be caught red-handed by the guy who makes a scene. The girls are always smoking hot and you’ll ask yourself whether you can really blame the father for nailing her! Really, a can’t-miss site with some truly engaging content.

My Son’s Gf is a great place for those who appreciate a bit of creativity, drama and cinematography in their porn. Balancing between short films with plots and full-on hardcore porn videos, these episodes will grab you and hold you forever. Coming in great HD quality and featuring both plenty of uncensored hardcore sex and stories which could absolutely take place in real life, these videos will rock your world. Check out the site right now and remember to see the other two sites in the same package, too!

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