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My Wifes Friends

My Wifes Friends

Review date: 26-Oct-2017 08:22. There's no actual documentation on this site to prove that this couple are really married, but I'd say Richard ended up with the long end of the stick (so to speak) if they actually are. Kelly, his wife, is a far better-looking woman than he is a man, and the fact that she allows him to bang a plethora of other good-looking women just makes the thought of this guy never having to think about anti-depressants.

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My Wifes Friends

Intro promises:
Something I guess we're supposed to be jealous of, even if we're also being granted the opportunity to live vicariously through his penis. Richard doing another woman is just one of the many permutations that these two experiment with: Richard doing another woman and Kelly, Kelly doing another woman, Kelly doing another guy, another guy doing Kelly while she's trying to take a nap'it's really a comprehensive collection they've established here. The scenes shot from Kelly's POV are interesting in that she manages to display some fancy footwork while simultaneously holding the camera and providing narration'a real jack-off of all trades.

The site includes 20 scenes. Each is broken up into between six and nine clips that clock in at about six minutes a piece, and can be streamed in various formats. The video is very clear, and the camera work is very good. Each scene also includes screen caps, and some even have high-resolution pics as well.

Plenty of hours can be spent looking at this site by itself, which eventually becomes monotonous, but, with a very generous hand, the Webmasters of My Wife's Friends give subscribers much more to be wankful for. Upon joining, you immediately become part of Meat Members, a veritable smorgasbord of 40 similarly set up load-blowing bonus sites offering up such tempting whore d'oeuvres as: Facial Cum Targets, Cock Brutality, Porn Jackass, Drool My Load and Cum Farters. With tasty fare like this, priced at your standard monthly membership rate, you're definitely going to want to work out a 'Spanking It' schedule. Remember to pace yourself, though, because skin grafts on your shaft are probably going to put a substantial dent in your budget.

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