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Nasty Fetish

Nasty Fetish

Review date: 12-Oct-2017 09:56. My mother used to use this weird word. Danish, I think it was. It sounded like "rumkinshnoosh," and apparently meant "everything but the kitchen sink." Nasty Fetish does not fall neatly into any category, but rather tries to encompass them all into a mishmash; a buffet of possible tastes at which I quickly got as glutted as a Florida vacationer at Shoney's and as lost as that same vacationer in the Mohave Desert.

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Nasty Fetish

Intro promises:
You can get a little of everything here, mostly in the form of pictures of varying size and quality, and a few movies, most of them on a very small screen. Older women, really old women; women beating up men, men beating up women; foot fetish, big breasts, small breasts, lactating breasts, big pussies, teens, Asians, hermaphrodites, amputees, girls fucking fruit - you name it. But because the site tries to do so much, it really is hit or miss - there's a lot here, but only a little of each thing.

Nasty Fetish is a good site if you think you might be kinky, but aren't sure what you're into. Come in and watch at a girl peeing in the woods. Then, a few clicks away, see three girls playing with a dildo on a purple pool table. Cruise around "Bondage" to see a gorgeous blonde suspended from what looks like a trapeze in a warehouse, then take a look at a pregnant woman getting fucked. Sample. See what you like.

You'll find some fine art photography and some stuff that looks like it was done in someone's basement. The material, which also includes an erotic story archive, has clearly been gathered from various sources. It's a good site for people who are into surprises. But if you're into any particular fetish, you're better off finding a site that caters to your niche.

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