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Natasha Yi

Natasha Yi

Review date: 17-Jul-2017 06:33. Natasha Yi is a very trendy carefully designed official website for Natasha Yi who is a very beautiful upcoming star. Natasha Yi is a stunning Asian beauty and the pictures are fantastic. This is more of a fan site than a porn site as there are just nice modelling photos so if you are just looking for well done artistic photography then this site will give you that and do it well but if you are hoping to see much more then you will be in for a major disappointment.

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Natasha Yi

Intro promises:
The navigation is well done and the structure of the site reflects good work and so is the navigation. The picture quality is fit for a star it is very good and the poses as well as the back ground on the photo sets are off the hook. The acting site has a lot of good quality work you can spend hours on end enjoying the various parts it has. The members get exclusive content and there is a lot of content on the site which is very well structured and very absorbing and once you start crawling through the site it is very interesting and before you know it you would have spend an hour literally just floating from one fabulous part of the website to the next. The modelling photos really show the photographers personal edge. The effects in the settings as well as the background and definition clearly differ from the usual poor quality photos.

Natasha Yi is already a stunning beauty and that coupled with superior picture quality and photographic work puts her in a category of her own. The site is very huge and well integrated to some other natashayi sites but its all very professionally done you will never hardly notice you have been directed back and forth although sometimes some of the information is repetitive never the less its still an enjoyable site. The various articles on her as well as the interviews are all at the site so if you missed any of them you can catch up which fantastic and for the die hard fans natashayi has a store on her site where she sells autographed merchandise as well as her posters which is fantastic. The fan contest are a great way to enhance interactivity on the site. The membership at natashayi`s is affordable especially when you look at the good quality of professionally done photo shoots of some raunchy underwear as well as the various other member privileges. At $19.99 monthly it is well worth it you will enjoy the content on the site. The comics based on Natasha Yi are very nice and make an enjoyable read.

While the site is very well designed as well as structured it would appeal more to her fan base than someone looking for some porn as the hardcore content is non existent although as a consolation you get some really sexy professionally done photos.

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