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Natural Bush Girls

Natural Bush Girls

Review date: 12-Aug-2017 05:48. With a name like Natural Bush Girls, one would expect 'pussy galore.' Matter of fact, the opening page displays some scrumptious fur wetting your appetite for more. However, once you log in, it's a pretty 'smooth' world. ALL of the women featured are disappointingly trimmed.

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Natural Bush Girls

Intro promises:
There are only a handful of 'natural' girl sets to view. The picture quality of the sets are very good however. You can preview the site for a buck, though for a buck, you get your money's worth in hairy pics.

Although very little content is devoted to the theme of the site, there's plenty of other content ranging almost all other sexual interests. Sadly though, much of the content are ads and pop-ups which direct you to other pay sites with member restricted access. Viewing the site is much like being in Times Square, you are bombarded with random advertisements from every which direction. In addition, the site is laid out in a way where it's a bit confusing to navigate through. Matter of fact, in some pages, you question whether you're in the same site or not.

Joining Natural Bush Girls will cost you $38.19/month but there is a one dollar option. A steep price to pay considering you'll be bombarded with annoying ads and there is very little content devoted to 'natural bush girls.' If you are a true connoisseur of heavenly hairy women, then you will be very disappointed in subscribing to this site.

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