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Naughty Americans

Naughty Americans

Review date: 18-Dec-2012 04:19. Wait, is this really a porn site? Naughty Americans is an exciting and shocking documentary covering all the filthy stuff real Americans do in their bedrooms – or in motel rooms, parks, cars, and anywhere else you can have a steamy tryst. The site has a serious feel and look to it, but in fact it’s a huge collection of remastered HD sex tapes, leaked selfies and other hot material.

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Naughty Americans

Intro promises:
You always recognize a porn site when you see one. Most of them do look the same – and especially with the latest upsurge in amateur and quasi-amateur porn that we are seeing, a lot of sites are built just to have something built, you know? Naughty Americans, a just-released hotspot of great-looking home-made filth, is different. In fact, it’s very different. When we found out it went live, we went to see it right away, and at first we were like, WTF? Is this for real? Isn’t this some news website or something serious and non-adult like that? But no, this shit is for real. Naughty Americans collects and delivers homemade pornography made all over this blessed land, and does it with a news site flair. And when you think about it, it totally makes sense. Isn’t it news, knowing about some dude who just boned his hot girlfriend in a garage, or finding out there was a birthday bash in a bar and it ended in an orgy? We don’t need to list all the scenarios for you, you can imagine all this naughty stuff yourself. Naughty Americans has a very special-looking tour which establishes this news site feel – and gives you content samples and site facts to check out at the same time. Apparently the site covers it all, leaked and submitted, and if this stuff is as hot inside as it is in the tour, we’re in.

If you’re ready to find out how naughty fellow Americans really are, let’s have a closer look at this thing. Well, turns out they’re really naughty, and it’s really cool being updated on all the dirty stuff guys and girls just like you do via a site which looks exactly like a serious news site. That’s what Naughty Americans is! It has these newsflashes about someone hooking up or about someone cheaint on someone or about anything else – as long as it’s hot. The site has two big groups of content, Leaked and Submitted, and another special detail here is that they remaster some of the stuff they get in HD quality. In short, a lot of these episodes look really good. The news articles provide a large portion of the fun while the videos and the pictures (remember the remastering thing?) take you further until you’re all worked up and beating off. Yes, that’s what Naughty Americans is going to make you do. It feels really filthy beating off to something which looks exactly like news! But that’s the beauty of it! Naughty Americans gives the whole amateur erotica thing a whole new spin. The videos are looking really good, they feature real people who are often camera shy or just funny, and this news angle is really adding a lot of fun to it. The site has all the modern bells and whistles, is mobile friendly and offers tons of goodies you’ll enjoy finding out about.

Amateur porn has never been this fun to watch and it has never looked this serious from the outside. Naughty Americans pretends to be a news portal when in reality it’s a packed and growing site which delivers hot stories of domestic lust as newsflashes, remasters submitted amateur filmed content in HD, offers tons of up to date features and great quality – and more. If you feel a bit overdosed with all the same homemade gf stuff these days, try Naughty Americans, it’s very refreshing in the way it delivers it never before seen XXX homemade content!

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