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Naughty Bi

Naughty Bi

Review date: 3-Mar-2013 07:24. How about eating some full-flavored Latina pussy while a Brazilian stud smokes your raging boner? Naughty Bi is ready to take your bi orgy fantasies to a whole new level. With Brazilian sluts and studs who are all totally into it and some really interesting episodes, Naughty Bi is a great find. This site is a great addition to this 50+ family of niche sites called Extreme Movie Pass.

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Naughty Bi

Intro promises:
Pleasures of both worlds, right? Bi sex is something you fantasize a lot, or maybe you’re living the lifestyle to the full. Whichever it is, it never hurts to have some fresh bisexual porn to enjoy. Also, what’s up with all the low key bi sites out there? Can’t a bi-themed porn site be awesome? Naughty Bi sort of proves it can. This all-new hotspot apparently offers bisexual porn with plenty of flavor. That’s right, as if the whole bi thing wasn’t exotic enough! Naughty Bi features Brazilian girls and studs brought together in two dudes, one girl scenes. You have no idea what these exotic sex freaks are up to. But you will find out all right. Naughty Bi belongs to this family of niche sites called Extreme Movie Pass. Quite a place to be, really, with 50+ sites some of which do have really interesting concepts, and thousands of video episodes to watch. Naughty Bi continues the pursuit these guys have for well-filmed, genuinely hot action which covers a certain fantasy, sometimes really specific. Give the Naughty Bi free tour all the attention it deserves, there’s a whole bunch of video trailers. And boy are these fucking hot! The site’s dark, basic yet catchy design creates the right atmosphere immediately. Something very special is about to happen and you can feel your heart beating faster already! Let’s do it.

Ready to add quite a bit of spice to your life? Naughty Bi is sure a place full of flavor. Like we said, most site’s episodes are about two dudes and one girl. The dudes are often these tasty exotic Latino hunks while the girls could be anything from a black sex goddess to a busty bitch who enjoys queening. Some foursomes here as well, actually, but most stuff is two guys, one girl. One dude gets it on with the girl and the other dude has fun with the first dude’s meaty boner. This is how most of these scenes play out. With plenty of all kinds of sucking and fucking going both ways, Naughty Bi is sure an interesting and special place to be. Expect the main dish coming with all kinds of tasty stuff on the side. Stockings, strapons, facesitting, boobie fucking, double dildos, Naughty Bi has it all and more. Sometimes these crazy sex freaks form a superbeing, a mass of fucking bodies where there is no real difference between cocks and pussies. At least it’s not something these guys are about. The site has this trademark Extreme Movie Pass feel to it. The performances of the people involved are very honest, and the videos, though they come in great quality, have a raw and edgy amateur feel to them. Just the thing you need for a site which may look kinda quiet on the outside but turn out to be a whirlwind of insane, satisfying, open-minded and honest bi fucking!

Get your freak on with Brazilian sex maniacs who are always up for a bi sex orgy. Naughty Bi, the latest addition to the 50+ site Extreme Movie Pass family, offers regular updates with full length bi porn episodes you won’t be able to get enough of. Black and Latino girls, hung horny studs craving cock and pussy, experiments, toys, accessories… There is just no end to the explorations these people dare to carry out! Join them in their kinky pursuits and find out your unique combination – start right now at Naughty Bi!

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